07.04.2013 09:35 AM

Byline, July 3: ten reasons why Harper may quit, discussed


  1. !o! says:

    Nice to speculate, but I wonder if it’s just too late for them to change now– if the support levels for the CPC, and the scandals and the backbench restiveness were where they are now, a year ago, I’d say that it was highly likely he’d be seriously considering stepping down, but I’m not sure they have enough time to run a leadership contest AND brand a leader in time for the election— this will be a barrier to Harper stepping down since, if nothing else, he doesn’t want to just leave the party stranded.

    It’s interesting though, a lot of the hardcore base is clamoring for him to step down, but I don’t know if him doing so would actually result in a net benefit for the party itself come next election.

    Stepping down a very short time AFTER an election though I think is extremely likely.

    • Cameron Prymak says:

      So in Canada electoral success could be the cause for splitting the right. In the US it’s electoral failure that is allowing the Tea Party to take control of the Republican party and steer it to the very far right of the spectrum.

  2. Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    Biggest reason to stay…..”It`s the economy, stupid”.

  3. Other Hockey Dad says:

    Off-hand question to the denizens – why do you refer to “PMSH” but not “PMJC” or “PMPM” or “PMBM”…why the odd acronym?

  4. Michael says:

    “Tons left to do”

    So much was suppose to be achieved when the Conservatives got a majority. But he has done sweet FA to date with his majority. He has no political capital left to tackle those contentious issues like Senate reform, the deficit, ect.

    Slogan for the Conservative’s next election campaign. “Give us another majority. We won’t piss this one away”

  5. robin says:

    If he shuffles his cabinet on Wednesday, he’s not a Calgarian. Would a Prime Minister from Calgary choose to shuffle his cabinet in the midst of the “Hell or High Water” Stampede when attendance by his Ministers and MPs adds to the event; especially given the crisis that Calgary is still handling? Talk about tone deaf. He could wait a week. Instead, Calgary MPs like Jason Kenney and Michelle Rempel and Alberta MP James Rajotte need to stay by the phone ready to fly to Ottawa and other Ministers will stay home or close to Ottawa.

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