07.03.2013 01:03 PM

Ontario PC deep thinker kicks off by-elections

Wayne Wettlaufer (yes, that is his real name), the pride of Kitchener-Centre.  Somewhere, as we all shake our heads in wonderment, Leslie Noble is kicking a hole in a wall at PC HQ.



  1. Michael S says:

    Wettlaufer translates from the German as “Bets on instantaneous water”. Dude’s gonna get a deluge.

  2. Michael S says:

    Actually I was reminded Wet Lauf is old German for Bet Run. Bad Bet.

  3. patrick says:

    Conservative Party: Where the low end of the Cro-Magnon genome feels comfortable to reside and fully express themselves.

  4. Ingrid says:

    The tweet has been oh-so-quietly deleted.

    • Warren says:

      Internet tips for Wayne, gratis:

      1. The Internet is forever.
      2. Nothing can be erased anymore.

      • davidray says:

        Wettlaufer? Seriously? And I thought Nuttall was a perfect name for a terrorist with intent to bomb in BC and oh, to paraphrase Carville “it’s the Internet Stoopid” hmmm might make a nice t-shirt.

  5. Greg From Calgary says:

    Oh I’m going to follow this guy with interest!

  6. Luke says:


    I guess I’ve never run for office or worked for a political campaign, but it strikes me that wouldn’t most people, especially those in politics, have a little voice in their heads that says, “Maybe that’s a bad idea”? I guess there are always the Rob Ford’s of this world, in whose minds other voices must dominate…

  7. crf says:

    The Liberals should make an issue of it.
    It’s yet another example of Hudak having no control over his party.
    These neanderthals in the PC party routinely step out of line, and Hudak meekly takes the kick in the teeth, and does nothing.

  8. Eric Weiss says:

    What an idiot.

  9. bigcitylib says:

    Hours later and still no response from Hudak on that or who’s running in Etobicoke. How much did these guys just spend on attack ads for the by-elections and to have it all countered with one tweet and some stupid speculation re Holyday?

    • Michael says:

      Spent all that money and now crying about how it’s undemocratic to have an election.

      Got to love the whole Doug Holyday thing. The PCs whine and moan about Ken Coran being uncontested in London West, parachuted into the riding, how they are the only party that has a democratic nomination process, yada yada yada.

  10. Michael Erskine says:

    You leave Timmy alone…wouldn’t want the Tories changing anything. Timmy Hudak is by far my favourite PC, with that knack for blowing insurmountable leads, I pray he leads the Tory tank for at least another election.

  11. !o! says:

    And looks like the tweet has been disappeared from the account. Good thing there’s that screenshot.

  12. David Law says:

    A fair translation of the Wettlaufer tweet is (1) the Toronto Star is hopelessly biased towards the Liberals (2) if that was one’s only source of information it would therefore tend to incline a person to vote Liberal (3) “many females” read only the Star and thus (4) those “many females” must logically be inclined to vote Liberal.

    There is more than a little truth to his view of the Toronto Star, but to suggest that a large swath of the female population reads only the Star is not only prejudiced, but rather insulting to them.

    This is all somewhat ironic, insofar as Mr. Wettlaufer himself appears to rely on only one source for HIS facts – the posterior from which he yanks them!

  13. doris says:

    So what’s the betting line now that Holyday is annointed goodbye 22 point lead for the libs?

    • Warren says:

      Yep. He’ll win. He won last time with 70% of the vote, without putting up a single sign.

      • Michael says:

        Not so fast. He is the councillor for Ward 3. The demographics of ward 3 are different than those in Etobicoke Lakeshore. Sound be an interesting race.

  14. Lord Durwood says:

    Do you have the original link to this tweet, Warren?

    I would like to forward this information to some contacts
    of mine in the media.

    PS: What is your current bet on the 5 by-elections? I personally believe
    that the Liberals will hold onto Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Ottawa South,
    and London West. The NDP will win Windsor-Tecumseh. Scarborough-Guildwood
    will most likely go NDP too.

  15. mauser98 says:

    if it were a Muslim name no fun would be made of it. Liberal hypocrites

    • JMP says:

      What exactly would a Muslim name be? I’m pretty sure ‘Muslim’ isn’t a language… Conservative idiot.

      • mauser98 says:

        OK, a middle eastern sounding name generally associated with Islamic population. Constipated Liberal

        • Lord Durwood says:

          I would rather be a “constipated liberal” than a sexually frigid and impotent Conservative. Do tell us, is the use of a firearm,
          a muser98, as your handle, deeply indicative of your inadequately small penis, which most likely requires Viagra to function?
          Like the average Canadian Conservative or American Republican, I’d bet dollars to donuts that you are a middle aged, overweight,
          propertied, SUV/Pickup Truck driving, suburbanite, ANGRY WHITE MALE who care barely conceal his contempt for immigration,
          multiculturalism, bilingualism, Quebec, affirmative action, women’s rights, gay rights, abortion rights, feminism, users of public
          transportation, and urban dwellers! I bet like the average Canadian Conservative or American Republican you just HATE the
          fact that the son of Pierre Trudeau is now leading the LPC, that an African-American is in the White House, and that many
          White Ayran Women these days prefer Black men as their lovers, boyfriends and husbands. Now, run along, and seethe over
          empowered feminists, gun control laws, progressive income tax, and gay rights while you beat your wife, kick your dog,
          and sprawl out in your lazy boy chair sipping a cold beer while wearing your wife beater vest.

          I got news for you and Wayne Wettlaufer: a clear majority of women, visible minorities, aboriginals, recent immigrants
          and LGBT do vote Liberal. Sorry, but this country is no longer run by and for the exclusive benefit of HETEROSEXUAL
          CHRISTIAN WHITE MALES anymore. Get over it WHITE BOY!

  16. Lord Durwood says:

    So Conservative MPP Wayne Wettlaufer makes a sexist remark on Twitter?!

    Wettlaufer translates from the German as “Bets on instantaneous water”?!

    “Fucking Germans. Nothing changes. Fucking Nazis.” -Walter Sobchak (played by John Goodman in
    The Big Liebowski) 😛

    • Doug says:

      To be frank Lord Durwood from your response to muser and your post here, its seems you are the most intolerant and potentially racist poster on this story. You sound like just as much a jackass as Wettlaufer.

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