07.29.2013 10:26 AM

Thank God

I mean it, too: thank God.


  1. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Im not Catholic, but after the last two Popes views on the subject, this is very refreshing…….Good on Pope Francis for acknowledging and accepting.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’m genetically Catholic (Irish), and I like him maybe enough to return to my roots. Maybe.

      He might not have changed things fundamentally, but he’s beginning to open the door.

      • Fraternite says:

        I’m going to echo what everyone else said; there is zero departure from the status quo. It was never Catholic doctrine that people had to be jerks to gays, but treating them like all other people (i.e. sinners) doesn’t signal any change whatsoever in what homosexuality is understood as in the Church. Opus Dei can even get behind this; it’s a change of tone, but the doctrine was and is and will be the same.

  2. Ian Howard says:

    Why thank God for the Pope taking the first step on the Catholic churches road to redemption. It wasn’t God who convinced the church to adopt it’s position on homosexuality, but it might be Francis who starts a rational dialogue based on tolerance.

  3. Eric Weiss says:

    About time a Jesuit started running the show.

  4. Sean says:

    As someone who expected nothing from this guy, I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this stuff. Yes it is small baby steps, but he is moving in the right direction. For those who think this is nothing, you need to understand that that 100% of his predecessors vigorously denied this new direction even existed. For the church hierarchy this is akin to saying that it is possible for the sun to rise in the west and set in the east.

    A black President, a woman Premier and a Pope who just told the media that he shouldn’t be judging gays. Sometimes things aren’t all that bad for progressives.

  5. partrick says:

    Anything would be an improvement when the bar was set at such a horrific, socially destructive low. Heaps of faint praise, though tolerance in the catholic church has to start somewhere.

  6. Dennis Mills says:

    Go for it!

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