07.09.2013 10:52 AM

Toronto’s electricity grid is “hanging by a thread”

…so says Hydro and others. So, then, why are shops like Mac in Yorkville keeping the doors to their air conditioned premises open in this way?

Send along pix of more such firms. This is totally outrageous.



  1. Tim says:

    It would be nice to find out what they’re actually doing is turning the thermostat up to the maximum and opening the door to let some air in.

  2. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Our store is guilty of same…….it is totally wasteful, I agree…..but it is done for a reason…..people who would otherwise not enter the store, are more prone to when the doors are wide open…….
    With our stores numbers down(thanks in part to the cross border shopping frenzy) we have to use any trick in the book to help get people in the store…..
    Not saying its right….but I do want to keep working….

  3. Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    No different than lighting Nathan Phillips Square or the CN Tower. People like it and they see it as a welcome Oasis on a hot day. It sells product and keeps people employed.

    People do not change: My neighbour ran his air conditioning as soon as the power came on during the start-up from the great Ontario Blackout, even though we were all told it could trigger another failure.

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