08.13.2013 12:59 PM

Glen McGregor, revisionist

Glen McGregor, he of the “Deflower Caroline Mulroney Contest,” is very, very angry about my column below.  This upsets me a great deal, as you can well imagine.

He’s called my bosses at the Sun to demand a correction for writing, as I did, that he asked Michelle Rempel (now a Minister) about hair products in a scrum.  Seriously.

What do you think?  Did Glen ask Michelle about hair products?  Call me crazy, and many do, but it kinda seems like it.

Then again, he was running for cover when he joked about the contest to rape Ms. Mulroney, too.  Perhaps he can get a member of his family to demand an apology from me and Michelle, while he’s at it.


  1. joe harrington says:

    Love the title you gave to the twitter gif. Lol!

  2. GPAlta says:

    He wrote that he asked whether she expensed her hair products or make up

    The question is why he thinks what he admits he asked is less sexist than what you wrote that he asked?

    We know that Harper and Flaherty expense their hair and makeup costs (to their offices, not to their campaigns, but still)–but rather than writing about them, he chose to target another female MP just because she’s female, which is pretty much the definition of sexist.

  3. !o! says:


    He basically admits to asking the question in his reply tweet.


    “What makes you think I singled you out. I asked Kelly Block yesterday and Niki Ashton and Mark Eyking this morning.”

  4. VC says:

    Glen McGregor has convincingly demonstrated that he is still a turd. Has he learned nothing since 1991?

  5. Taylor Mallone says:

    It’s all rather sad. Was a time when a “deflower” stunt would simply be resolved with a light beating with sand-filled work socks or bull whips. The person in question would live out their remaining days in a shack in the bush doing odd jobs completely shunned by society. Seems to me, in the same vein as yesterdays “genocide” post, this kind of violent rape talk meets the legal definition of extortion and genocidal hate crimes. It remains one of the great ironies that we send soldiers half-way around the world to battle the Taliban but seem completely unable/unwilling to smoke out these vilest of shites in our midst. Why? Because obviously enough people enjoy McShites demented antics – societal condemnation – again. I long for the day when I can send one of my operatives to catch a drunken McShite, shave his head bald, and write on his forehead, “rape me.” That will be very gratifying.

  6. Cole Hogan says:

    Jeez, McGregor’s a prick.

    • Warren says:

      And he’s obsessed with Your Humble Narrator like you wouldn’t believe. Has been railing against me in the Hot Room for years.

      He should acquire one per cent of his wife’s smarts, and he’d immediately be 100 times smarter.

  7. Bobby says:

    Dare I ask what the “Hot Room” is ?

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