08.17.2013 07:11 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: police investigate Ford crony who assaults women, sought crack video

The noose is tightening. Quote:

“Toronto police are investigating attempts by associates of Mayor Rob Ford to retrieve the crack cocaine video.

One target of the investigation is Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, 35, a Range Rover-driving Etobicoke man with a criminal history of threatening and assaulting women, who has been acting as an occasional driver and security guard for the mayor…

An ongoing Star investigation of the Ford video and matters surrounding it reveals that in the days after news of the video broke, Lisi and Ford’s “logistics director,” David Price, were on a mission to obtain the video, which Ford was publicly saying did not exist. Two Star reporters who viewed the video have described an obviously impaired Mayor Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine and making homophobic and racist remarks in response to goading questions from a man not seen in the video.

In one attempt to retrieve the video, soon after news of its existence broke on May 16, Lisi paid visits to the Etobicoke house where a group of men from the Dixon Rd. community involved in the crack cocaine trade were known to hang out. The bungalow is home to Fabio and Elena Basso, both friends of Ford…”

Story here.


  1. Mike in Toronto says:

    This is why I love reading the news. You can’t make this stuff up!

    • luigi says:

      Rob Ford is still the best man for Toronto mayor. He has no peers. The rest of them are socialist kooks who only know how to tax and spend. They are thieves and I would prefer a crack smoking mayor to a tax stealing mayor. That’s something you socialist snobs can’t appreciate.

      • soimelk says:

        If this is satire, you nailed it as a member of valueless Ford Nation. If you are being serious, then please apply the second half of my comment to yourself and your pathetic attempt to redeem Rob Ford.

      • Justin says:

        I really hope you’re joking Luigi. If not, you’re the reason why we should have intelligence tests before voting.

      • davidray says:

        yo luigi…fuhgeddaboudit.

      • Roy A Smith says:

        amen, brother. it’s a no brainer that having a crackead at the helm of a $14 billion ship is preferable to anyone who might have the gall to spend any of that money on libraries or surface transit. i’ve had it up to here (i’m motioning towards the top of my head) with these elitist commie snobs that have some problem with being governed by an alcoholic jibhead.
        like your double double with a side of rock? fine by me. here’s the keys to the city.

      • superhans says:

        Come up out of the basement, Luigi, Rob needs a ride.

  2. Rene says:

    So a 35 year old man the referenced article refers to as a friend of the Mayor, the Mayor’s reputed drug dealer, sometimes driver and security guard, still “lives in his parents’ basement apartment”. Isn’t drug dealing supposed to be a lucrative trade, particularly if the Mayor and his circle are reputed clients? Isn’t such a description of Xander Harris living conditions, usually combined with some minimum wage job at some fast food franchise, the sort of taunt Reformers invariably throw at their critics in online media discussions when other arguments fail them, and for other more dim-witted Reformers constitutes their standard response ?….

    • superhans says:

      It’s possible that living with the parents could be a bail condition.

    • Ryan says:

      LOL you watch too many movies, not all drug dealers have yachts and mansions, especially the really stupid ones..
      Lisi sold crack back in high school and assaulted ladies, looks like he’s still doing the same..

  3. deb s says:

    need to legislate for a Recall process(for future trainwrecks)…this situation cannot get anymore ridiculous. What are the cops going to do with these guys…none of them are turning on the Fords. I guess Toronto is stuck with Ford and his criminal entourage until he kills himself partying!

    • Warren says:

      That’s how it’s going to end, in my opinion. Either he’s defeated in the next election, or he dies of a massive coronary sometime before that. He’s not exactly healthy.

      • jay says:

        My vote is for a fatal collision with a parked TTC bus while under the influence– and texting.

      • deb s says:

        yep…I cannot believe he hasnt had a heartattack yet…the guy is huge, stressed and has some serious bad habits!

      • Michael Bussiere says:

        Anybody who questions the man’s addiction predisposition only needs to consider his eating habits. Junk food was invented by the Philip Morris company in the early 1960s when tobacco legislation was being crafted. The salt/sugar/fat formula was derived from the rarest and most essential food substances found in nature. Brilliant business/evil practice by a company which knew how to tap the addiction response. His 7-11/Timmy’s ritual truly is Ford’s stupidest behaviour of all.

        • Harvey Bushell says:

          It’s a pity no one tried to have a look at what was in his Timmie’s cup the night of his Danforth shenanigans. I’d wager it wasn’t coffee.

      • luigi says:

        He’s gonna live and be re-elected too. What will you do then, move to Texas?

        • deb s says:

          if he gets re-elected, no worries we can move the rest of sane toronto to Guelph or Kitchener:P Or Hamilton(more like home)
          and Im sure he will give you a job…your perfect for his PR administrator/coffee donkey

    • Andrew says:

      Don’t wish for recall legislation, it can cut both ways.

  4. skeeter says:

    The article says Lisi is the “supplier of drugs to Ford”. He’s probably the middle man between the dealer and Ford so that way the mayor doesn’t have to personally purchase the drugs himself. Although, at this point, anything is possible.

  5. Anybody want to bet that the Fords will be spawing a slew of ‘made for TV’ crime drama’s? What a cast of characters! Robbie Ford, amiable bumbling oversized dimwit. Loves to party, loves the spotlight. Not much upstairs, but hey, he’s a real card right? Right?
    The sinister ‘dark brother’ Doug Ford, according to the Globe the earstwhile Rexdale Hash Dealer from a ‘good family’. His loyal henchmen and enforcers, like Price, Lisi, Bellasimo, and sundry other basement dwelling Rexdale junkies. Then there is the heroin addicted, white supremacist sister, periodically getting beaten and even shot in the head by her charming neo-nazi junkie lover and his associates. ‘Give me my effing money, or else the Fords are going DOWN’. The sociopathic mother, manipulating the pieces behind the scenes. I can visualise the scene where she informs Holyday ‘ You get to be Mayor next, then it is Robbies turn’. The shadowy figures behind the scenes, angling to build Casinos, airports, ferris wheels, etc on public land, with public assistance. The ‘betrayal’ when the dixon Rd. Bloods decide on a double cross, making an incriminating video for exactly what nefarious purpose? Douggies ‘crew’ scrambling to destroy the evidence. ‘Hit the streets, and FIND THAT VIDEO boys’ Midnight visits to the crack house with a club in hand. ‘Tell us where the video is, or else…’
    The big question now is which way will the plot turn now that the Police and courts are involved. Are the police party to the Ford machine? Will evil triumph? Will a modern day crusading Elliot Ness take down the kingpin? Stay tuned for next weeks exciting conclusion…

    • John D. says:

      Don’t forget the identical twin angle with the introduction of Slurpy! “On this week’s hilarious episode” (I see this as a sitcom) “when the Mayor is found lying naked in front of City Hall in a pool of his own filth, a crack pipe in hand and an empty liquor bottle in the other, his older brother hits on the brilliant idea of replacing him with a look-a-like capable of remaining sober for more than 5 minutes at a time! It’s guffaws galore when the real Mayor escapes and crashes the press conference held by the imposter! What a mix up!!!!”

    • superhans says:

      i’d say I’d watch it, but i guess I already am. One thing—it was John Tory that had the “Next time it’ll be Robbie’s turn” meeting with the Fords.

  6. !o! says:

    “A day later, just before midnight, Fabio, his girlfriend, and Fabio’s mother were assaulted by an unknown attacker brandishing an expandable baton who broke into their home. No charges have been laid in the attack.”

    What are the chances that Ford gave the order or suggestion for this? And if so, what are the chances that it comes out in trial?

    Though one wonders if Price will take the fall when he goes to court.

    • John D. says:

      I’d say the chances are excellent it was older brother Thug, er, Doug who gave the order to have Fabio and company attacked and terrorized.

  7. Wheeler98 says:

    I wonder who or what entity is leasing the Land Rover? It could be used as a tax deduction for a company or a holdings corporation….

  8. luigi says:

    Rob is my kind of guy, not all those other snooty socialist crooks who steal from everybody so they can build their personal empires. Udaman Rob Ford!

  9. Harvey Bushell says:

    I can’t believe that a fiction writer, not even one with a fevered mind, could come up with a story like this. If it were written into a scripted drama and given to a movie producer they’d laugh and say it wasn’t believable.

    It might make it as a low budget comedy though. Still, I’m not laughing.

    As an aside I’d like to think that a civic minded person, perhaps one of the criminal defense lawyers that has a copy of the video would upload it anonymously to a file sharing site
    and share it. It’s pretty easy to do. But I wonder if each copy of the video has been coded for identification like they do to movies sent out to Academy Award voters to prevent pirating.

  10. TorontoBorn says:

    Luigi, give it up.

    It’s time to retreat to a basement and wait.

    This is not going to end well for the Fords and everyone knows it.

    • deb s says:

      how much you wanna bet…Luigi is Rob Ford…I mean what else do you do while driving down the gardener but respond to the comment boards and read your reviews:)

  11. partrick says:

    That Rob is so funny. A crack video! And sending his buddies out looking for it. As if it actually existed. Hilarious! If Rob let his outrageous sense of humour out more we’d all be think better of him. A crack video! Really! And they bought it. He and Doug must have laughed and laughed.

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