09.15.2013 11:32 AM

Chances of an Ontario Fall election just slipped to less than zero

Because of this.


  1. Don McGowan says:

    Warren – thanks for sharing this.
    Reading it makes me feel saddened and ashamed of how we treated those with intellectual disabilities in the not too distant past.
    With this action beginning, you are absolutely right that the Provincial Liberals will not want to face the Electorate this autumn.
    The Ontario Government must acknowledge it’s responsibility and do the right thing for those that have been impacted by the neglect and abuse that took place at the Huronia institution.

  2. Kyle H says:

    Its definitely a sordid issue that deserves attention… but it isn’t going to be an election issue.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      Correct. And it won’t be an election issue because these poor folks are “useless” and “lazy” in peoples’ eyes in this, the Ayn Rand generation. Just like the elderly with dementia who are being warehoused in privately-run “homes” (read, “gulags”), the mentally ill who are left to fend for themselves on the streets eating out of garbage cans, the drug-addicted in desperate need of rehabilitation. Much easier to talk about the false economy, the non-existant jobs and perhaps have a little side discussion about doctor-assisted suicide (read-euthenasia–heaven forbid we should talk about enhancing hospice care instead–too socialist!!)

      Aren’t we all just so proud of ourselves? The Kinder And Gentler Nation Is No More. Deal With It.

  3. Paul says:

    All these levels of government oversight , ombudsmen, media, senior “professionals” running this place and this lays under radar for so long …we are bad.

  4. David says:

    Can you explain how this event will effect the likelihood of an election in Ontario? While this event is tragic I fail to see how events that happened years ago to a minority group will have any impact image of the sitting government of Ontario. Most people throw their heads back, say it is sad and move on. I would think the recent Abacus poll that showed a tie in Ontario and a popular NDP leader might have greater cause for alarm.

  5. J.W. says:

    This is a Frost/Robarts/Davis areas creation and continuing project. I don’t see how Libs NDP are drawn into it at all. Just not political really. Not an issue in election. I suppose it really goes back to 20’s 30’s 40’s.

  6. steve says:

    I may be naive but would the blame not fall on the government of the day, Good old Uncle Bill?
    Why we may have seen the end of Harper. Plastic hair can only stand so much internal pressure before it explodes.

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