09.26.2013 08:34 AM

David Gilmour, RIP

I know it’s kind of mean, but I actually thought he was dead. May as well have been, now.


  1. Tired of it All says:

    J*sus, Warren, don’t do that. I thought you were referring to a David Gilmour who matters. My heart actually stopped for a sec.

    • Warren says:

      There is an asterisk where “e” should be in your comment. A real male writer wouldn’t have done that.

      A woman writer, of course, would have done so, and isn’t worth reading in the first place.

  2. Andy says:

    I understand the point he’s making, that he doesn’t want to teach things he doesn’t love and all that.

    But who the hell wants to to be taught by a close-minded, limited individual?

  3. Harvey Bushell says:

    Those are the kinds of things you spew when you lead an insular, self absorbed, singularly academic life. You think that everything you say will resonate positively with anyone that matters. The problem is the only person that matters to you is yourself.

  4. Sid B. says:

    I guess it all started when he bought that guitar to punish his Ma…..then all that eating at the Steak Bar probably didn’t help.

  5. Harvey Bushell says:

    From ratemyprofessors.com, April 2012..

    Very full of himself. Painfully obvious that he favours the guys in the class.
    When asked why there were no female authors on the syllabus said
    “I don’t believe in ‘good for you’ literature”. Some students love him,
    but I honestly think while he might be intelligent he hasn’t matured past


  6. Kevin T. says:

    Uncomfortably dumb

  7. dave says:

    Early 1960’s I took a course in North American Lit at U of Manitoba, prof a Dr something or other from East Europe, all authors were American males. Good to see our universities sticking to tradition and not just pandering to passing fads.

  8. Paul says:

    guys a goof…if I was bright enough to write ..I think I would be bright enough to walk out of his class never to return .. U of T …if the guy isnt teniored yet (see I cant write , right)…put him on the next he-man hummer out of there

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