09.19.2013 04:21 PM

Dix era ends and the obituary-writing begins



  1. dave says:

    We ND’s were out politicked…we had tons of BC Lib trash we could have pointed to, but we held back…let BC Libs get away with BS about a dark decade of the 1990’s, let dreams of LNG prosperity go without question, let media twist an announcement about a BCLib-fed deal into something it wasn’t, and that did it.
    In my constituancy we had a real good candidate, new to politics, but we received less support than usual;our BC Lib MLA was re elected with a higher vote than we expected, and the 2nd place independent received surprisingly less support than we figured. Lots of us figured if anyone was going to knock off the BC Lib in our riding was that independent. Strange results everywhere.
    ND convention in November here. If members get cracking we could get a new leadership. If we are in disarray and feeling defeated, we’ll end up with the same old crew in charge.

  2. steve says:

    IF Justin does not take more advantage of the Tories incompetence he could lose as well.

  3. Roger Clarke says:

    Actually, if M. Trudeau continues to gather about him non politicos [like the general] and other bright, accomplished advisers [and follows their advice] he could well surmount the CPC juggernaut. Steve changes policies as often as he changes staff in the PMO. His gummint is looking very tired and shopworn.

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