09.18.2013 01:07 PM

Final Solution

Pere Ubu’s, that is.  Been listening to them since I was 15 years old (which, if you are familiar with their oeuvre, should tell you plenty about how truly odd Yours Truly is).  I would’ve posted ‘Blow Daddy-o,’ which I want played at my funeral, but I couldn’t find a good version for you.

Anyway, seeing them tonight with Lala, and am plenty pumped about it.  Here’s their biggest ‘hit,’ which really wasn’t one.  I love how cranky and miserable he looks.  Fits.

PERE UBU / Final Solution, live @ Ypsigrock Festival 2011 from Giacomo Triglia on Vimeo.


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    Phil says:

    Saw the Ottawa show on Monday. It was good. Worth a sleepy Tuesday @ Work.

    Check out the Merch Table. There’s some fun stuff

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    Nez1 says:

    Yup–that’s a good one. “Don’t need a cure…”
    Also liked “Worlds In Collison” album–early 90’s.
    Gawd, all that ever comes to E-Town is Kiss, freakin’ Def Leppard, and Nickleback. As an Albertan, my number one apology to everyone is not Fort Macmurray–it’s Doucheymcnickleback!

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