09.03.2013 11:36 AM

Research In (Reverse) Motion



  1. Sean says:

    I have been PCD free for about 4 years. It was amazing how my stress / anxiety level went down the day I accidentally left my phone at home. No bills, no hassle, no interruptions. F%&k ’em, phone ’em back is my mantra. Not having a blackberry / phone all the time is probably one of the most rebellious things I’ve ever done.

    • Lynn says:

      Fellow rebel here. My theory: I am not paid for 24 hours per day therefore I am not at your disposal for 24 hours per day, neither am I self employed, or an emergency room doctor, and there is no reason I need to be called by someone when I am buying broccoli. I do not have children who need me 24 hours a day so I’m with you Sean, leave me a message, there are machines at home or work, and I will call you at my convenience. What a concept! And yes, no cell bills and keeping track of the thing as an added bonus.

  2. Nasty Bob says:

    My brilliant idea was to make a Star Trek like shock collar linked to one’s smart phone , wallet, car keys,etc. such that if one went more than 50 meters distance from the item -ZAPP! ( although a simple “beep beep” might be more marketable.
    Sadly, I went into law and not engineering ( and didn’t do well at all in IP either). Surprised nobody’s come up with a ring or bracelet to do that yet

  3. Tiger says:

    The Q10 is lovely, and great for those who need a keyboard.

    Otherwise… well, the iPhone simply outclasses it for apps and Android outclasses it for customizability, so…

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