09.11.2013 02:33 PM

Toronto needs a mayor: the latest drama



  1. George says:

    And as your old boss used to say “a proof is a proff”,so where is the evidence?

    • The other George says:

      Oh yeah, George, there better be a LOT of of evidence because it’s *obviously* false, I mean it INCONCEIVABLE that the chief magistrate in question would do something like that, right? /sarcasm off

      No evidence required – it’s not an allegation, it’s a question – one which I would hope the media would investigate so that such evidence, if it exists, could be exposed.

      The average IQ, by definition, is 100. If one were to segregate those who self-identify as members of “Ford Nation” from the general population, the average IQ in the latter group would jump above 120. How anyone can defend this guy is beyond me.

      And by the way (as I hang my head in shame) – I voted for him…as a swipe against the Miller cadre and to prevent Furious George from doing to Toronto what he did with eHealth.

      Now for the lament….Why can’t we have a centrist, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, honest, NORMAL leader in this country?

      • Paul says:

        “Now for the lament….Why can’t we have a centrist, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, honest, NORMAL leader in this country?”

        Because polarization and identity politics, that’s why. The “left” and “right” have discovered that splitting voters along rigid ideological lines and pandering to special interests, rather than embracing Bruce Lee’s philosophy of “absorb what is useful,” actually works.

        I, too, voted for Ford. Not because I thought that he would be a great mayor, but rather out of disgust with Miller’s $0.05 plastic bag fee and double-dip taxation (vehicle registration and land transfer.) Voting was my only opportunity to make my voice heard against government overreach into our lives, and the other two turkeys sure as hell weren’t going to scale that back one iota.

  2. soimelk says:

    Isn’t it normal procedure at R.I.D.E. stops for those driving intoxicated to be driven home by the police and then tucked into bed with an advil and a tall glass of water?

    In all seriousness, since 30% of all road deaths in Ontario are attributed to instances involving alcohol, if this report is true, it would appear that the TPS has decided that this is a law that can be selectively enforced, and that they don’t merit driving drink to be a matter of high public importance.

  3. Iris Mclean says:

    Was Chief Blair the chauffeur? Or did he assign another officer to serve and protect?

  4. Christian Giles says:

    If true, Toronto doesn’t just need a new mayor, it needs to clean house in the Toronto Police Services.

  5. Bette says:

    I’d love to hear who Kirbie’s source is. I’m not a Torontonian so I have to ask, Are the mayor and the police force known to have a cozy relationship? I’ve only been vaguely following this slow-motion gravy-train-wreck but I thought when the chief of police announced that big raid and wouldn’t deny Ford was somehow involved that it suggested Ford *wasn’t* being shielded by the police force. Was that naive? As I wonder (but not too long or hard), I’ll await a more robust report on the alleged incident.

  6. bigcitylib says:

    He was supposed to have been pulled over last week as well. All denied.

  7. patrick says:

    Kind of ambivalent about this one. It’s a tweet from someone I don’t know (though that little ball of phlegm claims she is your girlfriend) and is way too “hedged” a statement to prevent suing?
    Not that I don’t believe it to be true and a recurring event, but it “sounds” like someone throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks.
    On the other hand Ford hasn’t face planted in a whole week so he’s due.

  8. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    It’s hard, but I’m not automatically assuming the tweet refers to the mayor of Toronto…

  9. steve says:

    Imagine if this was an American city, a cash strapped city. The police chief holds an incriminating tape of the Mayor, I would be willing to bet when the police budget was being discussed this would be on the table, I bet when the members of the police services board were being appointed, this would be on the table. Thank goodness we live in Canada where those types of scenario’s are ridiculous.

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