09.17.2013 09:04 AM

Victory: Ontario will apologize to institutional survivors

…and other things, too. The first confirmation, here:


  1. Greg Vezina says:

    Sometimes good people do succeed. Great work Warren, you must be very proud today.

  2. Cynical says:

    Congratulations to the survivors, and to the team that advocated for them. And congratulations to the Ontario government for settling. But..
    Wouldn’t it be nice if for once a government, public institution or corporation just apologized and settled when the problem and its scope were recognized, rather than forcing the issue to an 11th hour (or worse) settlement.

    Greg in Gibsons

  3. J.W. says:

    The only downside is that the Sunshine City whose residents actually performed the assaults and degradations escape scrutiny and get to keep acting like ‘it had nothing to do with us’!
    Warren will detailed evdence still come out?

  4. Lynn says:

    Now can you come and provide some good advice to the poor folks fighting the NS gov`t in the case of the NS Home for Coloured Children.

    the bastard NDP gov`t who made hay with file in opposition is working to destroy the credibility of the complainants; divide and conquer games in the black communities, and claiming that these children were not wards of the province when in the home. i cannot believe it.

    it sickens me to see the gov`t work so vigorously to destroy these people who suffered horrible abuses by their caregivers and others
    and there was a 1950 something report by a social worker asking for someone to look into the problems — never ever acted upon

    sickening and outrageous to see the level the gov`t will stoop to in order to avoid paying these poor souls for what they suffered

    do you know about this case- they need you — badly

  5. Paul says:

    Hope it helps the abused manage..cant imagine having to go through what they have.

    Best News today.

  6. Bernie Farber says:

    Warren, I am more than aware of the historical manner in which residents of places like Huronia (and there are others) have been mistreated. Mazal tov Brother for your work along with that of Kirk and all the others who opened eyes.

  7. Kaplan says:

    Very nice work. You and your team should be proud.

  8. smelter rat says:

    Warren, I started my career over 36 years ago working with people with mental disabilities in community based settings in Manitoba. Many of the folks who were leaving institutions like the Manitoba School could have told very similar stories. There were many other similar institutions across the country. It’s a shameful chapter in the history of Canada. Sadly, the treatment of people with mental disabilities to this day is still not on anyone’s radar (politically speaking).

  9. Don McGowan says:

    Warren – Thank you for advocating for those without a voice or at least a voice that goes unheard. I hope that the healing can begin for those harmed so callously. You are good man with a caring heart.

  10. davidray says:

    Thank you Warren. I don’t know first hand what my brother suffered all those years ago but I do remember as a seven or eight year old visiting those terrible Victorian buildings and walking through those stinking tunnels. I can only imagine the horrors any of those children must have endured.

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