10.31.2013 05:50 AM

Byline, Oct. 30: shame on you, Mr. Lilley!


  1. JH says:

    Good discussion with Lilley. Don’t watch Sun TV but enjoyed this.
    I’d be a little worried though WK about the G&M Poll that says not much has changed in the minds of the electorate despite the senate scandal, even though I agree with those who disregard polls period. The seeming rise in Mulcair’s popularity can’t be good though. I also think an opportunity has been missed in not pointing out that Mulcair had $100k in legal expenses paid by his party when he was sued for Libel as a member of the provincial legislature.
    Likewise the failure to highlight the NDP’s donations to Pat Martin for his libel case costs. Mulcair’s becoming a bit of a media star and that could prove dangerous, especially in Quebec, which is always iffy up until the last minute. Maybe time to start taking him down a peg or two?

    • Matt says:

      Where is Trudeau?

      This supposed to be biggest scandal in the history of the world, and Trudeau isn’t in the HOC asking Harper questions.

      Last week he was down in Washington, this week he’s in Calgary.

      Don’t his handlers have confidence in him?

      They are GIVING the spotlight to Mulcair and the NDP. It’s Mulcair’s face people are seeing on the news challenging Harper.

      I think that is huge mistake for the Liberals.

  2. Matt says:

    Do you think Wright will break his silence?

    Harper has now levelled an accusation against him that it was ALL Wright’s doing.

    If Wright keeps silent, I can only think of two possibilities why:

    1) The accusations are true

    2) He is unbelievably, ridiculously loyal to Harper and the CPC and would rather have his reputation dragged through the mud over Harpers and the party.

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