10.30.2013 12:04 PM

Canada Live: Harper has become a monkey with a machine gun


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    Bill From Willowdale says:

    So, is this the beginning of the end for PM Stephen Harper?

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      AllanA says:

      Canadians will decide that in 2015, unless the knives come out in the CPC aimed at Harper. Then Tory blood will flow red. If Harper survives then Mulcair and Trudeau will be in for a rough ride as the CPC horror machine puts out more attack ads claiming that the opposition is more concerned about Senate expense accounts than the Canadian economy and jobs.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        The knives will not come out. Remember, Clark REPLACED Campbell. And that strategy worked out just peachy. On the other hand, Thatcher was dumped for Major — and Gillard for Rudd. All that got them was Blair and Abbott. My former party knows that all too well.

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          Reality.Bites says:

          Except, you know, for those five years in between when Jean Charest was leader.

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      Swervin' Merv says:

      How scary will Duffy dress on Thursday?

      The Senate rejected Liberal amendments today aimed at giving Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau a due process hearing before an open committee, so it looks like the Conservative majority in the Senate will also vote to suspend them all without pay for the next two years, except for their benefit plans. While the vote is likely to take place early next week, further debate on the motion(s) is to resume tomorrow.

      If Duffy is smart, he will unload what else he has on the PMO “deception” in that debate, while he still has parliamentary immunity and before he loses all his senate resources (incl. seat, office, staff, travel). And what better day to do it than Trick-or-Treat Thursday, when the Conservative convention starts in Calgary.

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    Kelly says:

    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Jason Kenney has been eerily silent during this whole affair?

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      Warren says:

      Ran from media scrum this morn. Ran.

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        Michael Radan says:

        Not sure what surprises me more. That Jason Kenney would not speak with the media, or that Jason Kenney can actually run.

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      Scotian says:

      It is not just you, I’ve noticed his absence as well, indeed those few people that are seen as possible successors for Harper after he leaves the leadership of the Party have all been rather conspicuous by their absence as of late I would suggest. Can’t imagine why that could be…*rolls eyes*

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    Steven says:

    I am starting to believe in Karma.

    Suggested ad against the HarperCons:

    “Stephen Harper: Not ready for the truth.”

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I’m making real good use of my course on reading body language these days.

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    Don says:

    Astute comments by you Warren on the SUN TV gig. But please, can someone take the Presenter aside and explain how non-essential comments should always come AFTER the guest has completed their sentences? Rude and not required. Journalism 101. Presenter, not the star. The guest is.

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    Fred says:

    Ottawa Citizen: ” On Monday evening, that changed when Sona’s lawyer, Norman Boxall, contacted Citizen lawyer Richard Dearden to say that his client wanted all details of these interviews made public.

    Boxall did not say why his client changed his position. Boxall had previously expressed concern about trying the high-profile case in the media.”

    They are all going to sing.

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      Kelly says:

      Mi,mi,mi,mi,mi,mi,miiiii…NO…you,you,you,you,you,youuuuu!…NO…him,him,him,him,him,hiiiimmm! Such sweet music.

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    Eugene O'Shea says:

    Our Halloween Gift:

    The Cult of the Dead

    Lenin’s Tomb, in the heart of Red Square, displays the embalmed body in a granite structure reminiscent of ancient mausoleums such as the Tomb of Cyrus. The Soviets were the world’s experts on preserving the human body; chemical baths, acid washes, hydrogen peroxide were used to fix wrinkling or dark spots; disinfectants such as quinine or phenol were used to remove damp spots. While millions upon millions starved, the Soviets lavishly funded this delicate work of corpse preservation. After the implosion of Communism, the body is now preserved by private donors.

    Boris Yeltsin and the Russian Orthodox Church wanted to close the tomb and bury Lenin next to his mother, Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova. Vladimir Putin – always the propaganda minded Chekist – forbade this on the grounds that putting Lenin underground would imply that generations of citizens had observed false values during 70 years of Soviet rule. In fact, Russians had observed false values for 70 years; as Solzhenitsyn so meticulously catalogued, the horrors began in earnest right from the beginning under Lenin’s command. Stalin was only the bitter fruit of this Satanic legacy. In fact, the dark seed of this system of false values began with Marx, the great misanthrope and author of the false document, the Communist Manifesto. Ironically, dear Karl considered Russians the lowest order of human beings, “a barbarian race,” and called all Slavs, “ethnic garbage.” Like vodka and tobacco – whose poisonous mix keeps the life expectancy of Russian men the lowest of industrialized peoples – Marxism is the terrible addiction to the high of revolutionary suicide – the heroin of the masses.

    This cult of the dead is not confined to Russia. The Mausoleum of Mao Zedong is in the heart of Tiananmen Square. The Sino-Soviet split complicated the initial corpse preseration; the Soviet process of embalming had to be learned through Vietnam; an initial proposal was to use the crystal coffin the USSR had provided Sun Yat-sen after his death in 1925, though this proved unfeasible because the coffin’s length was not sufficient for Mao’s height. In the end the crystal coffin was an international feat of engineering and design. Like Lenin’s corpse, millions were tormented by hunger pangs while this enterprise was undertaken. Kim Il Sung claims to be the reincarnated and at times resurrected Kim Jong-il – and spent close to a billion on the Dear Leader’s tomb while millions starved.

    But perhaps no more macabre rituals have been witnessed – and not in the darkest days of the cold war – but recently, in the exhumation of the remains of Simon Bolivar by Hugo Chavez. In the midnight hour, the skeleton was pulled apart, teeth and bone fragments were removed under the pretense of science. Chavez appealed to Christ to raise Bolivar as he had done Lazarus. Chavez, like civil war recreationists, with Bolivar’s sword (gift replicas have been sent to Gaddafi, Mugabe, Putin, Raul Castro, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) was living the “Bolivarian Republic.”

    The northern nation of Canada appears to have its own tendency toward cults of the dead. Perhaps the cross-associations to the Bolivar sword club is a red flag. Former Prime Minister Paul Martin described Gaddafi as ‘‘philosophical man with a sense of history’’; Moammar said, “On a personal level, we [Martin and Gaddafi] have gained a quite personal friendship…we shall always be friends, even if he is not the Prime Minister.’’ BFF – how sweet, and perhaps follows a certain logic: both men staged bloodless coups within their respective spheres of influence.

    Mugabe was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and still enjoys VIP treatment in Vatican City despite being banned from EU airspace – l’ancien regime is alive and well. Alexandre Trudeau, paraphrasing Gaddafi’s Green Book, painted the Ahmadinejad regime as the Zionist-imperiled little white lamb in need of heavier ordnances: “”Lacking the ultimate deterrent of nuclear weapons, Iran only has conventional forces to defend itself against an attack…Israel’s nuclear arsenal will largely out-gun whatever weapons Iran might acquire, but from the vantage point of Iran, it is the one being threatened not the one doing the threatening.” Trudeau has also lavished praise on the Castro regime, “Combined with a Herculean physique and extraordinary personal courage, this monumental intellect makes Fidel the giant that he is. He is something of a superman.” Closing the circle, Fidel wrote of Chavez, “The best friend the Cuban people have had throughout their history.”

    Trudeaumania 2.0, like Kim Il Sung taking on the body of Kim Jong-il or Hugo Chavez becoming filled with the spirit of Bolivar by handling the bones, Justin Trudeau is the second helping of the summer of love and the zenith of Liberal fortunes. The incarnate hybrid of the cool, intellectual philosopher kings of Quebec and grass-toking wildchild, earthmothers, Justin Trudeau promises to restore a golden age complete with legalized pot, mysterious yogaish mantras and enough thought terminating clichés to make his own little red book. While this might be appealing the now grey haired baby boomers and their offspring, this cult, is well, a cult – a personality cult within a cult of the dead past. Social stagnation on a profound level.

    In the tragicomic film Goodbye, Lenin!, to protect their delicate mother from the shock of learning that German Democratic Republic has withered, the youth scramble to create a simulacrum of the old Eastern Bloc and recreate East Berlin before the wall fell. The drab decor in the family apartment, the framed Che portraits on the wall, the odd East German fashions, GDR-era old pickle jars, even fake news.

    In many ways, this is a grand metaphor for Canada and Liberal Party. The denial, the willful blindness, the shock of actually presenting reality to mother is too much for the children to handle. The Grand Design of previous Red Books remain unfulfilled. Globalism, which was supposed to export democracy and human rights, has in reality only exported manufacturing jobs and imported the cargo cult of democratic Maoism, the end of labour standards, a drift to the bottom, a return to the iron law of wages. The pansexualist revolution – which was supposed to usher in an age of erotic bliss – has led to mass neurosis and an epidemiologic landscape necessitating mass condom use and the HPV inoculation of eleven-year children to toughen them up for the rigours of the great orgy. The multicultural revolution is filling cities and towns with people who are filled with fear and loathing at the sight of women sans head coverings and intact clitoris. The younger native generations, weirdly over and under educated, socially adrift, often without spouses and/or children in a Weimar Republic vibe. Yet, the high priests of Just Society continue in their magical thinking, striving to perfect the incantations, the mass hypnosis that will allow the spirits of the dead to animate the zombie-like followers like speaking in tongues or spirit possession.

    At the end of Goodbye, Lenin!, the mother becomes aware of the real situation and though touched by the efforts of the youth informs them of her awareness; she dies peacefully shortly after leaving behind the defunct GDR. In real life, many of Canada’s Aboriginal people simply gave their dead to the black vultures and ants who returned them to nature. Maritime peoples have a long tradition of burial at sea – by international law, the captain of any ship, regardless of size or nationality has the authority to conduct an official burial service at sea. Many cultures burn their dead and scatter the ashes to the wind. Any of these seem a good and wise alternative to the Cult of the Dead and secular high priests who cannot resist the addictive sensation of magical thinking and the worship and veneration of corpses.

    “How ancient it all is, how medieval, how primitive! The only thing new about it was that it was applied in a socialist society!” – Solzhenitsyn

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      sean says:

      so thats what Duffy’s lawyer is keeping in that secret binder!

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    Elizabeth says:

    Maybe Nigel should become leader of the CPC.

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      deb s says:

      lol, too late for that one…that should havae been right after robocall scandal:)

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    !o! says:

    Well Chantal Hebert makes some uncannily similar points here: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2013/10/30/it_may_be_in_nigel_wrights_power_to_destroy_stephen_harper_hbert.html

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    Brad Young says:

    Next please concentrate on Steve’s biggest lie, his financial management skills.

    He created the monstrous deficit, he needs to own that.

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      MCBellecourt says:

      Not to mention the so-called “job creation” schtick. There’s been jobs created all right–for TFW’s.

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      AllanA says:

      Nope, and in fact the Liberals and NDP wanted to incur an even larger deficit during the global recession. However, it’s good politics to tie the deficit around Harper’s neck even though it’s misleading. I expect the CPC warroom must be busy scurrying around trying to concoct all sort of misleading attack ads too in a futile effort to get the heat down and save their damaged leader.

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        AllanA says:

        Okay, you’re right on that, but you can’t deny that the Liberals and NDP were clamouring for even more deficit spending during the last recession and Harper put a lid on that. As for cutting the GST, he was desperate to convert liberal-minded Canadians over to the Conservatives in order to win a majority government. He did this before the recession struck and then when it did the shit hit the fan. It’s a case of using taxpayer’s money to buy their votes, plain and simple.

        Increasing the size of the public service is a puzzler, and the only thing I can come up with is that Harper had to increase hiring in anticipation of baby boomer retirements and to train new public service employees before that happened. Also, maybe he was attempting to inject his own hires beholden to the Conservatives instead of the Liberals. Who knows.

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        AllanA says:

        Top 1% took a hit and squealed like pigs!

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