10.23.2013 12:58 PM

Canada Live: what Harper should’ve said about Duffy


  1. Mulletaur says:

    Looks like PMO took your advice when briefing Harper for Question Period today. Hope you are sending them a bill.

  2. thor says:

    I’ve watched the “breathless” reporting of this the last two days and yes, all I really heard yesterday was Duffy saying he was told to “PAY THE MONEY BACK!!”.

    And, just watched PMSH tell the house today, “You’re darn right I told him to pay back the money!”

    Odd times we live in: the Cons in Ottawa follow your advice and the Ontario Libs ignore it.

    P.S. what are you doing with your hair?? Looks fantastic.

  3. Nic Coivert says:

    Maybe this will get you a Senate appointment?

  4. Brad Young says:

    I often wonder if Harper actually believes all that crap he spouts off, tough on crime, austerity, balanced budget, open and honest government. He has the worst financial record of any prime minister yet he talks like everything is just fine. If he really believes that, then that is sad.

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