10.22.2013 10:01 AM

Don Lenihan and “open goverment”

I have read Lenihan’s stuff, and I always try and listen to him speak.  I believe he’s one of the smartest guys around when it comes to making Canadian democracy better.  His latest essay, on National Newswatch, shows why that is so.

His newest adventure – chairing the Ontario government’s “Open Government” panel thingie – will not be without its challenges, however, and as the photo below makes abundantly clear.  (One anonymous Grit staffer had the best response to this unmitigated disaster, which everyone in the province has now seen:  “We’re shrinking government, one letter at a time.”)

Good luck, Mr. Lenihan, you’ll clearly need it.


  1. sean says:

    I quietly admit to some behind the scenes work for “Canada 150”. While these “open policy discussion” things are noble attempts, voters really, really don’t give a f#%ck about this stuff at all. Believe it or not, voters are actually paying politicians to make decisions on their behalf. Just make the damn decisions already. Come election time, they’ll decide if your decisions are better than the other guys. Joe and Jane front porch didn’t buy the Magna Budget, they didn’t buy Canada 150, they won’t buy this silliness.

  2. Houland Wolfe says:

    I loved the line “we’re shrinking government, one letter at
    a time.” Next letter to go would be the two e’s, i.e.

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