10.19.2013 01:56 PM

Greatest quote of 2013

“Maybe his girlfriend knew more tricks than a monkey on a flagpole.”


  1. .. its good (the quote) .. the story is laughable .. movie material !
    but I think you can find better.. dig deeper
    Perhaps an idiotic political quote.. ? Involving beasts and sex ?

    A spectacularly lame but glib denial .. or a hallucinatory failed election promise
    surely ‘the root cause of terrorism ….’ is worth considering (Poilievre)
    Not sure of the date re Harper castigating his consigliere Tom Flanagan.. 2012 ? or 2013 ?

    hmm ..

  2. steve says:

    Random Tea party quote generator, but I am sure many Conservatives would feel right at home saying them.

  3. Jim Souniki says:

    This actually entered the English mainstream via the 1971 film McCabe and Mrs. Miller:

    “You boys gotta make up your minds if you want to get your cookies. Cause if you want to get your cookies, I’ve got girls up here that’ll do more tricks than a goddamn monkey on a hundred yards of grapevine.”

    Interestingly, the film was shot in the mountains behind North Vancouver and Squamish. The anti-hero, who is too dense to take the advice of Mrs. McCabe (“whore” turned madame) and quietly sellout to the powers-that-be, ends up shot and dead in the snow…

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