10.28.2013 07:12 AM

Karen Stintz in her own words: read her lips

More, just because some of her backers are already irritating me (my name won’t be on the ballot, morons).

There’s a lot more where this comes from. Link here.




  1. Matt says:

    Frankly, I’d be suprised if her name is still on the ballot come election day 2014.

    She’s a ditz.

  2. Tiger says:

    Present tense, Warren! Present tense!

  3. Jim Hanna says:

    Let me play devil’s advocate for a second. Given all the new information about Ford that came to light in the last 6 months, the video, his brother being involved in drugs, etc… I’d give her a pass on jumping off the sinking ship that is Ford and changing her mind to run herself, it just took her longer than most to realize the disaster that he is. . Her judgement is in question for being there in the first place, but would be even more so if she stayed.

    Not that I’d vote for her; I hope Chow runs and wins. And in any case, I’m a casual observer, with some luck we will see Coderre in Montreal City Hall in less than a week.

    • Christian says:

      She was on Council the same time Ford was (he was first elected in 2000 and Stinz was elected in 2003). She knew who she was dealing with but still eagerly jumped on the Ford bandwagon when offered the TTC post. It was, like her flip-flop on LRTs, crass opportunism. Either that or sheer ignorance and stupidity! Neither option is flattering but they are reasons not to vote for her.

  4. dm says:

    Politician disavows intention to run for office prior to launch of campaign. Shocking. This is what constitutes dirt against Karen Stintz?

    • Warren says:

      Wow. Sure are a lot of new and anonymous pro-Stintz commenters all of a sudden!

      If you don’t want your IPs, names, locations, etc. published, boys, you’d better cool it.

      Got it, lawyer using Blake’s email system? Partners know you are posting stuff using fake names and their computers?

      My bet: they don’t.

  5. brenlee says:

    We should find out who the toronto star wants in the mayor’s office because that is who will get all the publicity and push. The councilors seem to be behind karen but if Rob Ford is ousted then those same councilors will kick karen to the curb.

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