10.25.2013 06:02 AM

One more reason why Justin Trudeau deserves to be Prime Minister

Read this:

“For me to criticize my Prime Minister while I’m on a foreign visit is just not the way I was raised,” said Mr. Trudeau, who is a staunch supporter of the pipeline that would funnel Alberta oil-sands crude to the global markets offered by Texas and Louisiana refineries.

See that? Not the pipeline part. The criticism part.

That’s yet another reason why this Trudeau guy should lead this country: he doesn’t attack our Prime Minister when he is abroad.

Anyone recall who didn’t do likewise?

Hint: March-April 2003.



  1. Christian says:

    I agree when travelling abroad we’re all on the same team – Canada. Trudeau’s statement is very statesperson(?) like and mature so good on him for that. But unfortunately his support for the pipeline means I cannot vote for him or his party.

    • I am curious who exactly you are going to vote for then? The Greens? If I were you I would consider a range of issues. I have voted for people with whom I disagreed strongly on one or two issues, because on balance I felt they were the better choice. In fact, I doubt that I have ever voted for anybody with whom I agreed 100% on everything. Actually that is not true. I once had the dubious pleasure of casting a ballot for myself, lol.

  2. Tired of it All says:

    Warren, though I do less than you, I seem way more jaded and cynical than you. Bear with. I went to Queen’s with Baird, and I’ve seen a lot of the Conservatives up-close in my various non-professional endeavours. They are the most valueless, base pack of knuckle draggers I’ve ever seen (and I spent 5 years planting trees, I’ve seen kunckle draggers).

    My friends, all progressives (that means the odd Red Tory – yes, there are a few left) who’s combined colour makes a muddy brown (isn’t that want happens when you mix red, , blue, orange and green?), always shake their heads at the utter lack of decency that has been the hallmark of the ReformaTory approach. Whether under the odious Harris or now under President Harpo. All around these yobs, the decent folk try to accomodate the troubled child, never really recognizing, as they finally did in the States, that the neo-con mind is not inclined to compromise, nor is it inclined to follow the rules they use to criticize everyone/thing else (and I pile ROFO into this mix).

    You can argue that Trudeau is being insincere, but that would be evidence of two things: 1) Only the ReformaTory mind would conceive of adhering to ethics and honourable conduct as a cynical ploy and would just be further demonstration of their utter lack of the same 2) you’d at least have to know it was feining honour to state the following in the first place.

    So, I truly hope this is real and that decency wins the day. Not all of us deserve better than what we currently have, but I’m fairly certain I do.

  3. patrick says:

    I dunno, sounds awfully thoughtful and humane without a tinge of robotic, soul destroying ideology. Where’s that going to get you politically?

  4. Steven says:

    Most of the university campus Young Tories I knew in the late 70’s and 80’s were an Ayn Rand-spouting, peevish lot.

    I believe that many of them found their way into the corridors of the Harris and Harper Governments.

  5. Les Donald says:

    Since you’ve introduced the Valerie Plame affair into this mélange via your last link, let us reassert, yes, the massaging of intelligence and the betrayal of national security for the most venal of impulses is evil. In that light, dare I say, if the public had the whole truth about the Trudeaus, the Castros, Clinton and China’s entry into the WTO, etc. etc., they would definitively understand that regardless of what personality cult occupies the Canadian State, the Canadian Nation is slated for demolition just like Iraq. The “progressive” vote is a vote for revolutionary suicide. The “rightist” vote is a vote for death by trade. Time to wake up.

    • Henry Sporn says:

      Perhaps it’s you who should wake up from that nightmare you’re having so you can smell the fresh air and realize that no, Canada is is not “slated for demolition just like Iraq”.

  6. I keep trying to maintain a bit of reserve about Justin Trudeau. I repeat to myself that he is young, that he has made mistakes, that his opponents are seriously scary dudes to go against. But he keeps on learning from his and others mistakes. It has been rare, but when he goofs, he recovers quickly, and is proving really masterful at managing media. Mulcair screwed up (a little) with his comments on Harper when out of the country, and here is Trudeau, making a headline for taking the high road. Whilst subtly slagging Mulcair. And getting the ‘right’ quote into headlines. It is masterful. The Senate is front and centre, so only those with a particular interest in resource sector doings will pay attention to Trudeau’s statements supporting Keystone, and dissing (subtly) Mulcair, BUT those who notice are those whose allegiance to the CPC is slipping. Trudeau has effectively narrowcast a message to a target group through the broadcast media. No mean feat. This is not a big thing that he said and did, but it is a great example of his political talents.

  7. Vankleek Hill says:

    Surprised, and pleased he came out in favor of the pipeline.

  8. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I’m not of the American school. I’m willing to go anywhere on this green planet to disagree with a federal government or prime minister. But I won’t act like a first-class shit while doing it either. Call it a happy medium.

  9. Syed says:

    Happy 20th Anniversary, Mr. Jean Chretein, and looking forward to seeing the new government forming in CANADA for sure LIBERALS and I would like to see the young and Dynamic Mr. Justin Trudeau
    taking oath as the Prime Minister of CANADA! as this is the high time for all the citizens of Canada to rethink and make your precious decision to shaping the future of this country and the trust of the citizens of this country has hurted by the present Government , before it goes too far we need some honest and real politicians in our Government to make our Country as the most efficient and the only best Country on the planet.

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