10.11.2013 07:54 AM

Prof. Simpson takes my lead

Me, almost a year ago: “Opposition leaders come and go — and, in 2015, Thomas Mulcair will switch titles with Justin Trudeau.”

The learned professor, today: “The NDP and Liberals are trading places.”

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    Michael S says:

    The Simpsonian strikes again!

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    The Dude says:

    Warren might be making a point here.
    I’m starting to think Canadians are actually this stupid. We just don’t seem to care enough about a party being convicted of election fraud being elected once again. 30% of us will always vote conservative for simple tribal reasons. I mean, how many on voters that totally disagree with Con policies will still vote for them? A few attack ads that talk to us like morons will give the 6 or 7% needed to form a minority. Then they take advantage of a population dumb enough to not know that we elect a house to think we elected a president, and there is no chance he can be toppled in a minority parliament. Harper can only be given credit for attacks and hiding from media in a population that just doesn’t care. Think about it. If Harper was an NDP leader and gave us record deficits, you could just imagine the protests coming from the right. But when it’s a conservative deficit, it’s perfectly ok. Yes Canada, we are THIS stupid. This isn’t a simple assertion. This is based on evidence and that leads to an easy conclusion. The only thing to add is that Trudeau might be having a 2 election strategy to win.

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      Gaspar dela Nuit says:

      … and by 2019, all those old dog Liberal MPs with the title “Honourable” will have faded away and we will have a brand new Liberal party filled with generational change Liberal politicians. Now that should be a fartuous fresh breath of air wafting through the LPC!

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    billg says:

    The next election will be for 2nd place, and, should position Justin Trudeau to win in 2019, unless of course the LPC members dont fully understand the CPC loyality west of Quebec and turf him for yet again someone else, that to me is going to be the fun part to watch. Given time to grow up doing the job I think by the time 2019 rolls around Mr Trudeau will be more then ready for the job of PM.

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      Gaspar dela Nuit says:

      Justin’s first full time job at the age of 36 was as MP for Papineau in 2006. Prior to that he had no serious interest in politics. He is a man with a failed and speckled academic record, and politics was his last resort for gainful work; and then he treated his MP job as a part time gig while raking in big$$$ giving rather shallow speeches to anybody who would pay to hear him prattle on.

      But now he is a leader-in-training while preparing to be PM of all of Canada, presumably in 1919! Hey, even I could qualify as PM if I sat as a MP for 13 years… and I have a much better academic and work record than Justin!

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I always respect the voters even when they vote contrary to my view of Canada. They do the job and we get the government the rest of us deserve — the legions who deliberately choose not to vote.

    As for Justin, laugh and write him off for 2015 but remember to keep those cartons of eggs handy. Apply generously on election night and wipe off as the election results roll in!

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    I think that Justin Trudeau has succeeded in pressing the reset button for the Liberal Party in every region. Even in Alberta, the Liberals are faring better than any Liberal could hope to expect. I agree it is likely that the Liberals will form the official opposition come 2015, but if the electorate stays open minded about the Trudeau led Liberals (cue the CPC ad blitz), then it is not vastly improbable that the Liberals could form the Government. I do not know why so many people assume that Trudeau will need a lot of time to ‘mature’ and take years for the Liberals to shift a handful of votes into their column. There are many ‘steady as she goes’ voters who will not change their vote readily, but we have all witnessed tectonic shifts in voting patterns numerous times. They are always agonised over by the chattering class as to Why did they all change their votes? Or ‘boy did the pollsters get it wrong, but the basic fact is that people are sometimes willing to admit their past vote was a mistake, and vote ‘the other way’ with a vengeance. I am looking forward to the next election. A lot.

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