10.18.2013 08:05 AM

SFH is back!

Last night we auditioned (if you can call it that) a new guitarist, because our old one has recklessly decided to pursue respectability and a Parliamentary sinecure. ┬áThe new guy, formerly of The Snipes – and I think we should name him Steve Deceive, but that’s ultimately up to his manager, lawyers and publicity team – knows quite a few SFH tunes already, including our huge Summer 2013 hit, ‘Mayor On Crack.’ Here it is again, for your viewing and listening displeasure.

Meanwhile, SFH rides again!


  1. bigcitylib says:

    What if, god forbid, the old guitarist winds up back in town real soon? Maybe you could add a third player and do Skynrd covers, like Free Bird.

  2. patrick says:

    Hope a mayoral candidate takes “Mayor on Crack” as their theme song for the campaign trail.

  3. Eric Weiss says:

    MPs are respectable now?

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