10.10.2013 06:12 AM

Suck it, David Gilmour!



  1. Lynn says:

    She is an outstanding author and very deserving recipient of the award. Thank you to the Nobel committee for confirming that Mr. Gilmour is indeed a literary dumb ass.

  2. MCBellecourt says:

    I was rather amused (and pleased) to see that Ms. Munro got the Prize, kudos to her!

    Now, if young Malala wins the Peace Prize tomorrow, my week will be that much more perfect!

  3. david ray says:

    first thing I thought of as I heard the news this morning. lynn, you are so right. what a dumbass.

  4. Jean Devereaux says:

    Didn’t they give a peace prize to Obama for extrajudicial killings via drone? VERY progressive bunch on the Nobel committee….

  5. Paul says:

    Malala – that is one of the greatest stories of all time …they should give her this years prize and next years…

    • david ray says:

      saw her on Jon Stewart. much wetness appeared in my eyes.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      …only a few hours to go as I post this to keep my fingers crossed for young Malala. Seems to me that if she gets the Peace Prize, she’ll be the youngest winner ever. She is, after all, only 16 years old. But, like someone said in my cyber-travels, she is “an old soul”–probably the best compliment that someone so young could receive.

      If she isn’t the youngest please correct me.

  6. Patrick says:

    I don’t know why there’s such venom for Gilmour. As much as he is a mediocre writer, obviously limited by his narrow literary appreciation, he can like and dislike whomever he wishes and admitting that he doesn’t appreciate female writers, that he doesn’t “get them” is hardly a crime.
    The bigger issue is how does his bias affect and limit his teaching? And is it any different that any other teacher who has biases in any other subject but is a bit more careful about expressing them?
    Congratulations to Alice Munro, who, I admit I haven’t read much of having never been much of a short story reader, but have to thank because I now have an excuse to go to the bookstore (as opposed to my usual “oh look, a bookstore” reason).

    • Lynn says:

      You will not regret it Patrick. Her short stories are without equal IMHO. I am a reader of short stories and Ms. Munro is one of the best ever.
      Link to a list of her short story collections. I suspect that any of these works will not disappoint you.


    • MCBellecourt says:

      The reason there was so much venom pointed toward Mister Gilmour is because it’s that very attitude that holds a lot of us women back. I live in a city that should have been named Rednecksville because, *just two weeks ago*, in spite of rather extensive forklift experience, I was refused a job and the asshole doing the hiring told me that “we don’t hire women in the warehouse.”

      This reeking toilet I’m living in is still stuck in the 1800’s, but until my mother dies I’m stuck here because I’m the only one in my family that believes she deserves better than to get dumped in some old folks gulag to sit in a shitty diaper all day long. Complaining to the labour board here is useless because the Gordon Campbell fauxLiberals gutted it so badly that more serious claims than mine (even) have a waiting period for as long as seven YEARS.

      So as far as I’m concerned, Gilmour deserved to be pilloried. Thank you, Warren, for posting this thread, and again, a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Alice Munro!!

  7. dave says:

    Atwood last book in her trilogy is out, Pynchon has a new one out, Ray Monk has a door stopper about Oppenheimer, and now, Munro, -and I have read not enough of her stories.
    I’m all set for winter.

    This is going to help all those lonely, lonely teachers who keep arguing for more Canadian and female voice in the curriculum for our young people.

  8. Niall from Winnipeg says:

    Thank freaking Chr*st the Nobel didn’t go to Ms. Atwood.
    Suck on that Maggs !

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