10.08.2013 07:31 PM

The McNeil Liberals win Nova Scotia – big time!

My Sun News Network hosting duties complete, I can now celebrate Stephen’s huge, historic win – and take a trip down memory lane, when I spoke before the Nova Scotia Liberal AGM!


  1. Arnold Murphy says:

    The Liberals have successfully made the comeback, its now onto bigger gains and considerable contests. We should all be more than accepting that the long drought that was the lean years for the party is over, with this win we can see that the Conservative ship is maybe not sunk, but it is firmly aground and shall not sail the high seas for some time. Congratulations are in order for the Liberal Team out in Nova Scotia.

  2. Joe Scott says:

    I remember you at the NS liberal AGM. Bernie Hum and. I picked you up at the airport. Great job by Stephen MacNeil during the campaign. He has potential to be great premier. He has the character to do a great job. Justt has to bring the people with him. What year was that AGM anyway?

  3. Cynical says:

    They must
    Reinstate the Yarmouth-Bar Harbor Ferry
    Guarantee and enhance the Digby-St.Johns Ferry
    Improve SW/SE Nova road systems
    Rationalize school funding (close, concentrate, and improve standards)
    at a minimum

  4. Cedric says:

    Ignatieff! Woo-hoo!

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    As any good economist will tell you, it isn’t just QE3 that is getting the chop. Nova Scotia proved that last night.

    Governments, stock up on tissues while you still can.

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