10.15.2013 07:42 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: will this be a very bad week for Rob Ford?

Right now, lawyers are crowding into a Toronto courtroom for a fairly extraordinary hearing.  They are there to gain access to a nearly-500-page police ITO (Information To Obtain) that led to a search warrant.  The ITO apparently contains the name “Rob Ford” more than 100 times.

You may have heard of Rob Ford.  He’s the Mayor of Toronto, and his personal driver apparently used drugs to get back Ford’s cell phone:

“According to police documents obtained by the Toronto Sun, Lisi was allegedly offering to swap a pound of marijuana [Ed. – With a “street value” of $3,000+.] for the return of an associate’s cellphone. That associate is Mayor Rob Ford, a source told the Toronto Sun.

“(Lisi) has close ties to the Mayor and the question is what else is in the search warrant materials that sheds any light or any connection the Mayor may have to this guy who has been charged?” MacKinnon said.

What will be the outcome of the hearing, and discussions with the Crown? We shall see.  But my prediction is that Ford’s involvement with criminals will occupy a lot of folks in a lot of newsrooms this week.


  1. Robin says:

    C’mon. He’s a regular guy. My daughter lost her cellphone at McDonalds a few weeks ago. Boy, was I mad. That phone costs a lot and she needs to take better care of her things. But when I calmed down I did what every regular guy would do. I sent out a drug dealer with a long history of violent crime to get in back in return for a big bag of pot.

  2. DeathSilver says:

    I guess most of us in Toronto would accept 3000$ worth of week if we found a cell phone and returned it. That’s what normal people do right?

  3. patrick says:

    So what? For the core of Crack Nation the fantasy that is their golden cow is unaffected by trivialities.
    “Uh, did Rob ask Lissi to barter his phone for a pound of weed? C’mon, that’s a lot of weed” and didn’t Stalin make deals over vodka martini’s. You pinkos never bring that up, does ya!
    Except for the life of privilege, political access, drug use, drug pusher friends, junkie relatives, social failure, educational failure, political failure, he’s one of us.

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t care if he smoked weed, crack and killed a guy. He’s better than any commie pinko left winger. He kept my taxes low and saved the city a bazillion dollars. That’s a lot of gravy.

  5. Mark says:

    So, if i trade a pound of weed for a cell phone, that’s actually considered a sale, is it not? I wonder if that was included in the original charges?

  6. deb s says:

    Rob needs Rehab, when he gets out, he will retreive cell phones the normal way, by phoning the number and asking politely for it back:)

  7. Ulysses says:

    I, for one, am appalled that Ford would try to offer a pound of weed to get his cell phone back. What does he think? That we working schmoes are only good enough for weed? That crack is only for the “upper crust”? Please. Mr Ford, no self-respecting citizen would accept your pitiful attempt, at least offer your drug of choice for payment.

    • DeathSilver says:

      The issue is that Ford thought that the poeple who had the phone would respond better to week than cash. Nice company he hangs out with.

  8. Paul says:

    When is next municipal election – this Rob ford stuff is really getting tired ..most of folks I talk to in the big smoke of toronto ..many of whom voted for him, are embarassed to have him as mayor, cant believe he would win again…

  9. e.a.f. says:

    Rob ford is simply another example of, just about anyone can get elected in Toronto, if they have enough spin doctors and money. Hey, its a job. Unless Mr. Ford it thrown in prison or some such thing, I’m sure he will win the next election. b.C. elected Christie Clark, Canada elected harper. There is no accounting for taste.

  10. Laurie Stunden says:

    Isnt it funny the minute Rob Ford tries to lower peoples wages in government they want him out…No politition
    deserves the pay they are getting… That’s where all our money goes…So they want him out of office. Great smear campaign if u ask me…We all make mistakes we are human after all

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