10.25.2013 07:56 AM

Twenty years ago today (updated)

Thank you, Andreas Papadopoulos!

The snaps below – of the Star and Globe front pages, 20 years ago – come from Andreas’ personal collection.  Andreas had what I couldn’t find on the Internet.

Twenty years! What a night that was.  And I can’t believe how old I am.

In my advanced age, I comfort myself with being a small part of six big wins (three Chretien, three McGuinty), and a few smaller ones, too.  Time to retire. (Or do new things – stay tuned.)


  1. Helpful Harry says:

    NewspaperArchive.com carries some major Canadian papers.


  2. david ray says:

    I knew it. You’re going country. Learn three new chords, win an award and then start wearing your hat indoors. Marginally better than punk and light years from rap. Good on ya 🙂

  3. Maria Papadopoulos says:

    Yes – my brother keeps everything 😉

  4. Robin says:

    The 1993 victory led to political comedy in subsequent elections: I still remember Barney the Dinasour and Stockwell Day: The Flinstone’s are not a documentary. The most memorable line in political punditry (Beer and popcorn the most infamous). And, relentlessly referring to the Reform/Alliance Party to the point that sanctimonious Rod Love (the gas bag) couldn’t control himself and raged: why do you keep calling us the Reform Alliance when we are the Canadian Alliance, you don’t refer to the NDP as the CCF do you? And before you could respond, Brad Lavigne chimed in for the knock out punch: “It’s because WE are NOT running AWAY from our PAST!” Jewels. (Honourable mention: Rick Mercer changing Stockwell’s name to Doris by online petition). Those were the days!

  5. Mike Sloan says:

    I remember that night so well. I was in an LPC committee room, and I couldn’t stop thinking, “the PC’s have to win a seat somewhere.”

  6. Mike Sloan says:

    If I may double post on this, does anyone else remember Judy Rebick saying to Wendy Mesley, “Some of these Reform Party candidates make John Crosbie look like Gloria Steinham.” Mesley barely held it together.

  7. Mike Sloan says:

    One last laugh from that night if Warren will let me. Remember Kim Campbell, the first line in her concession speech was, “I’m glad I didn’t sell my car.” LOL. What else could she say? She was the fall-lady for BM.

  8. Niall says:

    Twenty years ago this week the Montreal Canadiens beat combined team of hastily assembled Toronto Marlies & Quebec Rafales players 12-2 in exhibition play.


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