11.07.2013 10:41 AM

Byline, Nov. 6: saying that crack is the same as pot is on crack


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    Ridiculosity says:

    “Visit an Authorized Ford Dealer near you” has just taken on an entirely new meaning.

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    Vincent says:

    Regardless, anybody who partakes of illicit drug use, whether it’s pot or crack, both display poor lack of judgment and both lack the moral authority to lead. Canadians cannot trust politicians who display such poor judgment.

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      Stew says:

      Hey, what about alcohol, Mr. Ford’s legal gateway and excuse(judgment) for all that illicit stuff?.

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    JAWL says:

    Canadians should not trust any politician whom has NOT used pot more than once.

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    Fraternite says:

    I like the unimpressed shrug; it’s great body language that says more than words ever could and is a great response to a ridiculous question. You should keep it in the repertoire.

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    Duane says:

    When Trudeau was asked about smoking pot, he was forth right answered truthfully, unlike Ford who lied. Also, Ford has been linked to some unsavoury characters. Ford is a train wreck that in a matter of time will not have a happy ending. Also, I expect that this is not the worse of this situation yet and that Ford knows it so he is going to stay in until he is charged.

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    Lawrie Jeffrey says:

    Now Warren. I’m very upset at you. You said everyone in this country above the age of 16 has done drugs. Well, my mother, who is 90, I know for sure she has not smoked pot. Now my aunt, who is 92, I’m not so sure about, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t inhale. Don’t know how you can go on Sun News and not run across the studio and run your hands thru Brian Silly’s hair. Actually, I thought your hair is starting to look pretty good on there too, big guy. I don’t know how you can work there. Once you get off the set, you must have to go into the washroom and ralph. Could go on for a while yet, but I am watching the Mother- Sister ( Ford)interview on CTV and I’m laughin so hard I can’t type.

    Regards Lawrie

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    tf says:

    Marijuana is a natural plant, a weed that has mind-altering properties when ingested. It is used as a recreational and a medicinal drug, as well as a spiritual stimulant; it can grow naturally. It is also grown in basements and harvested for sale. It comes in many forms but has not been chemically altered the way the coca plant has been.

    Crack cocaine is manufactured at a chemical lab and was developed for intense highs and for profit.
    If you compare it to marijuana, you’d have to go back a few stages to chewing a coca leaf or drinking coca tea.

    Although both marijuana and crack cocaine have been deemed illegal by modern law enforcement agencies, there is a clear difference between the two in the potential damage to an individual’s brain chemistry and behaviour patterns.

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