11.18.2013 08:41 PM

SNN: the Fords are the Walking Brain Dead


  1. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Agreed. There’s something more going on here. It’s the only reason I can think of for the Fords bringing the crazy to all of their recent public affairs. If/when a hammer comes down they’ll try to bury it all under a mountain of conspiratorial bullshit. All the while being surrounded by a platoon of “drivers.”

    • LD says:

      I think you are closer to the mark than most. If Ford anticipates being charged by the Toronto Police, then the strategy you mention makes some sense.On the other hand, casual use of crack is fairly rare. Being so horrendously addictive, it may well be that his use is far greater then he has admitted and what we may we witnessing is a case of ‘cocaine psychosis’.This type of psychosis is characterized by aggressive behavior, irrational thoughts and paranoia. We are probably witnessing one or the other.

      • Pipes says:

        Good point, but his behaviour has been consistant since he was elected in 2000. He just did not have the media coverage he has now.

        I would also expect nose bleeds and confusion which would affect the continuity of his messaging. So the conspiracy operandi might be part of the plan, on the other hand, the ‘left’ have been after him for 13 years.

        I do expect we are at the tip of the iceberg and I also suspect the cops have much much more than we know and are biding their time. It’s all about what they can prove.

        Changing the subject-these CAPTCHA Codes are a pain in the ass for those of us who are colour blind or maybe it’s just me.

        • Pipes says:

          Sorry one more observation.

          I don’t think it is a ‘cocaine psychosis’ as much as it is a narcissistic personality disorder characterized by bouts of obvious megalomania.

          However, I shine shoes for a living so what do I know?!

          Changing the subject yet again-when will Warren have his own show on Sun News? It would be a great one. It will need a name hmmmm, how about – ______________________________________________
          fill in the blank.

  2. Pipes says:

    I viewed the entire show and all I heard/saw was:

    1. I am not perfect
    2. I apologize
    3. save tax payers money
    repeat 1, 2, and 3 continuously

    Your best moment was the Walking Brain Dead comment-it could have been helped with a graphic.

    One of the lessons here is be careful what you write. I think the Ford’s have read your books and have benefited from your writings. Now you need a book on How to Remove the The Walking Brain Dead from Office.

    One of your previous commenters mentioned cognitive dissonance and again, I think they nailed it. It is going to take a lot of deprogramming to reduce the Ford Nation or, as you said the Ford Village.

    By the way your hair was fabulous.

  3. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    What I want to know is…….how did this walking train wreck that is Rob Ford, get elected Mayor in the first place?…..whatever happened to “Toronto the Good” and folks like David Crombie ….”the tiny perfect mayor”……of my youth…..It seemed that every other issue of Maclean’s magazine of those years had something good to say about Toronto, its mayor, and its citizens….
    Have standards slipped that badly?…….

    • david ray says:

      four words …. self appointed career politician.

    • tf says:

      In answer to your question – yes, standards have slipped badly. We’ve devolved into smaller factions, gangs if you will. Municipalities usually are non-partisan but the so-called “Ford Nation” formed it’s own separate turf, mentored by the Tea Party with framework provided by the National Citizens Coalition, Harper’s old stomping ground. It’s a fight over the proceeds. Think “The Godfather” in blue suits instead of black.

  4. david ray says:

    I foresee an episode of South Park in the next few weeks where Butters, Kyle and Stan get to hunt morbidly stupid adults like the Fords in the “Blunder Games”

  5. Ty says:

    Between the Fords being given 20 minutes to make their self-serving case, to Warmington’s awkward attempt to ask probing questions without being impolite, to Ezra Levant’s “Schwarze Kanal” routine that for some reason involved Chappaquidick and Rene Levesque’s car accident, this was basically everything everyone hates about Sun News wrapped in a one hour Exhibit A.

    Love ya Warren, but Sun News is an absolute disgrace. This is prostitution for viewers at its most puerile.

  6. Sean says:

    …watched Mansbridge tonight. The Ford boys say that Jim Flaherty made them cry. Maybe they have indeed hit a note with average Canadians. Jim Flaherty makes a lot of us want to cry fairly often.

  7. Matt says:

    You mentioned Ford claimed he got the biggest majority, and you said Miller and Lastman got more. I didn’t see the show. Did he actually say the biggest majority of votes or did he say most votes? Because he did get more votes (383,501) than Miller (299,385 in 2003 and 332,969 in 2006). Lastman got 483,277 in 2000, HOWEVER, he basically ran un-opposed.

    If he did indeed say the largest majority, then you are quite correct both Miller and Lastman received bigger majorities

  8. Kelly says:

    The other shoe will drop very soon. Today Harper started to actively distance himself from Ford, and attacked Trudeau while at it. Trudeau needs to hit back hard now and link Harper and Ford. At any rate the PMO likely knows what’s up and is trying to bail before getting sucked down by the vortex. I’m guessing we should look for something to break before the weekend.

  9. What’s wrong with Brian Lilley?

  10. William says:

    I have a question for Rob Ford.

    Why is your brother on hand for every single media appearance you have to give?

    Are you unable to defend yourself on your own? Are you afraid that you’ll blow up, become too volatile?

    • Douglas says:

      Big Bully Bulldozer Brother Thug Fraud also serves as the constant intimidating presence, ready to run interference and block should a journalist start to ask “the right questions”, as Yob Fraud so eloquently put it.

      Just say’n.

  11. You condemned Newstalk 1010 as enablers when they hosted the Fords. Why not the same for Sun news?

  12. Douglas says:

    Mr Kinsella:

    The fiscal point which needs to be countered is the claim Rob Ford has saved $1B.

    The REAL question is: How much Rob Ford has and will COST taxpayers when all is said and done:
    – Cost of responding to multiple 9-11 calls
    – Court costs of Conflict of interest trial
    – Cost of Man hours and lost productivity at City Hall in order to deal with his never-ending crises
    – Cost of the investigation and surveillance into the Mayor and his “friends”.
    – Court costs of any litigation into the Mayor and his “friends” resulting from the investigations
    – Incarceration costs (if applicable) for the Mayor and his “friends”
    – Costs to the health care system resulting from the Mayors drug and alcohol abuse
    – Costs to the health care system resulting form harm to other caused by the Mayor and his “friends”
    – Costs of lost investment in the City as a result of this
    – Costs as a result of potential bloated or illegitimate contracts the Mayor may have been forced to sign in order to avoid being exposed (ex: blackmail, extortion, coercion).
    – Etc…

    Add them all up and the Mayor and his Brother has cost Toronto, Ontario, AND Canadian taxpayers waaaaaay more than a billion!

    We can’t afFORD to keep him there!

    THIS is the fiscal argument that needs to be made over, and over, and over, and over, and ad nauseum over again!

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