11.11.2013 03:22 PM

Sun News: defending Trudeau on last week and mandatory minimums


  1. Matt says:

    Warren, regarding the advertising for the “Ladies Night”, don’t you think the organizers of the event made the situation worse by being very confrontational when the flyer started receiving the crush of negative reaction on social media?

  2. Sean says:

    1. The “Ladies Night” was actually very smart politics. The ladies love this guy. Never be afraid to hang a hat on your strengths, a wise old campaign manager once told me. It was especially smart because the Tories know their guy isn’t cool enough to ever get away with something as audacious. Those who say this is “sexist”, where the hell are they when Senator Smith hosts his famous cigar parties?

    2. That said, it wasn’t marketed very well. I think it was one of those events which would have done fine marketing itself. The giggly high school silliness was unhelpful.

    3. When someone asks you “what is your favorite country after Canada…” PICK A DEMOCRATIC ONE! Any of them!

    • Skinny Dipper says:

      When I think of “Ladies Night,” I think of men in G-strings or a “Bridge club” get-together. Then again, I could think of men in G-strings playing Bridge with the ladies.

      I do think it would have been better to call it “Women’s Night” and have the poster look more empowering and professional rather than have it look like some Justin Trudeau strip-a-thon event.

      I will agree that Justin Trudeau could have picked any democratic country as an example. Estonia would have been a better choice than China.

  3. Jason says:

    Great points Warren – I really think JT could use the help of Daisy Group!

  4. Tim says:

    My favourite part of Justin Trudeau’s rise is that he just doesn’t seem to give a shit about conventional “wisdom”. He loves pissing off the people who will never vote for him and he’s quite capable of going over the head of the assembled intelligentsia and taking his case to the people. And his approach to making that case is completely different from the Harper/Cherry/Ford faux populist crap we’ve been force fed for the last while. He rarely insults my intelligence. I really hope it works out for him in 2015.

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