11.20.2013 10:26 AM

The Premier of a province pocket-dialled me this morning

It was pretty funny, actually. I won’t say who they were, but we had a nice chat.

In other (unrelated) news, I actually turned down an interview with the BBC about Russia to provide you all with this post.)


  1. sezme says:

    I actually turned down an interview with the BBC about Russia to write this comment. Won’t someone answer the BBC’s questions? Mayor Ford?

  2. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Could it be……Alison Redford?…..she strikes me as someone you could have a nice chat with……

    After her stunning upset victory over the Wild Rose hordes….I sent an email of congratulations…….I got a very nice reply, on stationery, from her office. Very classy I thought for her to do that for someone out of province.

  3. Matt says:

    What’s Russia done now?

  4. Matt says:

    Too bad the didn’t ask Freeland about buying a $1.3 million home in Rosedale she can’t afford needing mommy and daddy to co-sign a $900,000 plus mortgage.

    Toronto-Centre is the most diverse riding Canada, both economically and socially, yet she chose a home she can’t afford in Rosedale to be with her fellow elites.

    Champion for the middle class indeed.

    • VC says:

      At least you can’t accuse her of staying in a crack-house.

      But if geography is so important to you, why doesn’t the Conservative candidate in Toronto-Centre have his own business, his law practice, in that riding? If Toronto-Centre was so dear to Mr. Pollock, JD, MBA, why won’t he bring his business there to be what Pierre Poilievre calls a job creator? Instead, Mr. Pollock has taken his business to Don Valley East.

      By the way, you really can’t say you are not elitist when you have both an MBA and a JD, as well as your own law practice: that’s a privilege that most in Don Valley East cannot claim. A great conservative: champion for the middle class indeed!

  5. Jason Hickman says:

    I’m betting the Premier in question was Ghiz. Liberal, family connections with Dalton, and as an Atlantic Canadian myself, we’re still trying to get the hang of this newfangled wireless cellphone thing 😉

    As for the by-elections generally…I don’t know. I mean, I think one of the two MB seats is safe CPC, and if I had to bet on the QC one, it’d be Liberal, but otherwise, anything could happen.

    • Matt says:

      The Manitobs riding that was Toews is probably safe for the CPC. The other one where Warren’s buddy is running looks to be in play.

      I know there were some issues with the selection process for the Conservative candidate. Some Conservative supporters are angry about that and might stay home.

      I f the CPC lose it, it will obviously lead to speclation the government is in trouble.

      It could very well be a sign like that. Or it could be a way for Conservative supporters to let the government know they aren’t happy with things like the Senate spending mess without any worry about actually changing the balance of power in the HOC.

      Same wth the recent by-elections in Ontario where Wynne lost 3 of 5.

      Plus the turnout for by-elections is usually half that of a general election.

  6. doconnor says:

    My guess would be Stephen McNeil, new premier of Nova Scotia. They have a past connection.

  7. Tim says:

    What kind of archaic phone were they using? Something with physical buttons I’d surmise.

  8. Jnap says:

    About the Mb byelections…I wish pundits would not keep giving Provencher to the Conservative candidate. that is unfair to the other candidates who are still working very hard. The Liberal, Terry Hayward, has good credentials. Parts of Provencher include bedroom suburbs of Winnipeg, and they are not all old-fashioned base Conservatives. We shall see who shows up to vote.

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