11.06.2013 01:41 PM

Toronto needs a mayor: John Tory says Rob Ford will win again, and sounds totally cool with that

Man oh man, I think John needs to stop giving interviews. Or, at least, think first and talk later.

Quote, from The National last night:

“[Rob Ford] will come back. People love a story of redemption anywhere in the country, North America, the world. And if he could solve his problems and if he could come back and be cleaner and ready to go I think that he might have a chance of winning again.”

Link is here. Wow.

(Oh, and Karen Stintz? As I said to a Liberal friend [who should know better] on Facebook: “She’s a Conservative. Her husband is a former Flaherty staffer. She worked for Harris on privatizing health care. She took a Ford patronage appointment. Any Liberal working her for needs to re-think.” And about a 100 other things that would make her a disaster. Other than that, she’s swell.)


  1. Michael S says:

    She’s suddenly become Sun Media’s go-to girl. I don’t think she’s going to pretend to be a Liberal. She merely has to be An Unembarrassing Conservative That Is Not Rob Ford.

  2. doconnor says:

    Tory said if he could solve his problems he might have a chance of winning again.

    That’s a long way from “will” win. He has to go through the redemption part first at the very least.

  3. james Smith says:

    I have only met Mr Tory once, and he seems nice, vacuous but nice. I’ve never been impressed by his actions- the CFL is still around is in spite of Mr Tory’s tenure is only one example. He may be a “Good Chap” but his radio programme is the most boring thing on the dial. That he’s continuing to enable Mr Ford does not surprise me as I feel Mr Tory is the opposite side of the same coin as Mr Ford – A rich kid, who continues to fail upwards.

  4. Greg from Calgary says:

    I’m laughing at all the late night shows are doing this. My current fave is Stephen Colbert who describes Ford as the “Chris Farely Tribute Mayor.”


  5. james Smith says:

    Oh, snap!

    Go to 10:15 to see what Mr Ford would like to see happen to Crack Users:


  6. james curran says:

    Stintz? Two words………. Rocco Rossi.

  7. M-J says:

    Mayor McCheese will run again and, despite all the efforts of Hogtown’s great and good, he will win.

  8. Brad Young says:

    Robs biggest problem is Doug. Lose Doug, clean up, I can see him winning, but not with Doug at the helm though.

  9. Justin says:

    For John, he’ll always be a bridesmaid, never a bride.

  10. Windsurfer says:

    Wow, Dan, tone it down.

    You’d think the Templars were at the gate.

    The right wing has many a dirty trick to show you that you haven’t seen yet.

    Batten down and get ready for 2015.

  11. J0hn Garwood says:

    John Tory has been an inspiration to me .IM A 45 YO. MALE THAT CAN BARELY TYPE THIS.caps lock ,fk. Mr Tory is a man I can listen,and relate to .Im the same simple caring ,proud Ontairian that adhears to Ford thinking . Conservative thinking people deserve leaders we can be proud of .Sorry Rob. Best of luck John .Clearly who we need.

  12. J0hn Garwood says:

    John Tory =red and blue getting things done ,is that not the end result in all this ?

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