11.05.2013 08:50 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: more than 100 things Mayor Crackhead has messed up



  1. Kelly says:

    Number 9 is probably the best one. It ranks up there with the best free verse poetry.

  2. Parky says:

    FWIW, Ford made Chelsea Handler’s late night comedy show last night. The Round Table kicked him around for a minute or two. He’s like the Scarlet Pimpernel — everywhere.

  3. Transcanada says:

    Rob Ford’s tactics are like a handbook on how to build an autocracy.


  4. debs says:

    101: Goes on live TV …admits to smoking crack( after denying it for a half year) and blames the media for asking the wrong questions. Plus says he doesnt remember because he is too drunk at the time. But promises…he isnt an addict. Please Media…ask him if he considers himself an alcoholic:P

    I am almost certain that we will see rob ford in rehab by december:P

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