11.18.2013 11:04 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: Rob Ford swears in front of children, suggests he’s smoked crack more than once, and says he wasn’t lying about lying, when he lied

Here. On CNN. Has to be seen to believed.


  1. Paul says:

    Hi .. as life seems to become more and more “basic”, low brow or whatever term you want to use for – the garbage reality (most not all) and other shows on TV get sometmies great ratings and followings, where folks swarm other kids for phones and sneakers, where how you look seems far more important than who you are, who you know more important than what you know, where Ford fiasco, Senate crud, where life has become more about taking than giving , entitlements, how big houses are for the candidates in the next by -election in Toronto – Rob Ford is welcomed at the CFL game yesterday , his TV show tonight will get huge ratings , all major papers/media in Canada and around the world will spends millions of dollars , ink and paper on the thing because it sells

    Sad really –

    • david ray says:

      Rob Ford is morbidly stupid.

      • Steven says:

        At the very least the man is “addicted” to making really thoughtless decisions.
        As an individual who is a public official an individual that the public is supposed
        to trust with the management and care of the needs of the fourth largest populous
        in North America should without say be held to a much higher standard.

        Anyone in disagreement is only shortchanging themselves and their fellow citizens.
        There are many individuals that “could” fulfill those duties without all the antics.

        To say I’m only a man, I made a mistake (Again, and Again and Again) to then
        go onto the next blunder and to insist he is a suitable retain that office is insidious.

        People that live in Toronto are not simply “Taxpayers” they are citizens, proud or
        wanting to be proud of where they live, and not the laughing stock, focus of
        comedic scripts on late night. It’s not just disgrace he brings to himself personally,
        it is to the people of Canada and Toronto for whom he represents.

    • Steven says:

      It is indeed sad.

      I think what the people want is a financially responsible mayor, and to
      all accounts that is what Ford has been (Given), in addition to that the
      public wants someone they can identify with, no insult here intended:
      but a common fellow – Like them.

      Unfortunately unlike them the common fellow doesn’t come close to
      representing the train wreck that has assumed office. It has no doubt
      been entertaining in some perverse way but the office of the Mayor
      isn’t a comedy act or a sitcom, it is the seat of power on which the
      public depends for representation at home and is a figurehead abroad.

  2. Eddie says:

    Prediction – Rob Ford will get re-elected, like it or not. He comes across as authentic, an authentic (fill in the blank) but authentic nonetheless and there is a constituency for that. Also, people love celebrity screw-ups and second chances. He just has to keep his nose clean and pick right/left fights on council.

    You can keep Ford, I’m happy with Nenshi as my mayor.

  3. patrick says:

    “These elitist rich people. I’m sick of them.”
    Uh Rob, small detail – you are rich, politically connected and a chronic drug user. You are one of those “elite” you so loathe.

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