11.18.2013 12:07 PM

Toronto needs a mayor: the best editorial cartoon of 2013

…by the Sun’s Sue Dewar. Perfect. Brilliant. NNA material.


  1. Paul says:

    yes but did michelin or the Quebec winter carnival committee approve of the use!!!!

  2. Bruce A says:

    Well, I’ve got a new background for the desktop!

  3. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    When they are laughing at you, it’s over…

  4. Chris says:

    I guess in this case he is the “Stay-put Marshmallow Man”

  5. Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    What a disaster. As a Montrealer, born and bred, I enjoyed the distraction from the corruption of my home town. But now, it’s just sad.

    And now I’m torn: Which is worse, the Montréal region’s kleptocrats stealing their over-taxed constituents blind, or a man who never stole a dime, but is a public embarressment to millions?

    And will this poison Toronto’s polity to the point of dysfunction and abandonment by the voting public, even worse than it is now?

    • Matt says:

      I’ve sern a little of what’s going on in Toronto’s council chamber today while their debating whether to take away some of Ford’s budget and staff and transfer them to the deputy mayor.

      Gong show doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m beginning to think the entire council needs to be prevented from seeking re-election in 2014.

      I didn’t see how, but apparently councillor Pam McConnell got knocked down and busted her lip open? Anyone have any info on that?

  6. Matt says:


    National Newspaper Award??

  7. DL says:

    Chris: More like the Goodyear Gridiron Gravy Goon

  8. patrick says:

    Funny, but too much intelligence in the eyes.

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