11.09.2013 11:22 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: the latest shocking Rob Ford video

Forget about the Fifth Estate’s so-called revelations, which fizzled like a wet firecracker. This is the most shocking, astounding Ford video you will see (until the next one) – and if you listen carefully, you will hear the words from Ford’s videotaped promise to kill someone!


  1. david says:

    This new “scandal” with which The Star is trying to outrage Toronto is no scandal.

    But after they paid for this piece of nonsense it does firmly establish that The Toronto Star is a scandal rag with about as much credibility and integrity as The National Enquirer.

    • Kev says:

      I dunno – a second video of the mayor on crack, after he said he only ever did crack that one time? Newsworthy to me.

    • janice says:

      Yes. The Star is outrageously attempting to sway public opinion against Ford. That he was elected to fill the position of mayor proves they are not effective. Can’t a news source be sanctioned for this kind of crap? Would be a good first step IMO. News media in this country not doing their jobs and in this case blatantly so. Where’s the balanced unbiased reporting of facts? Paying for sound bites to keep the negativity flowing even more shameful than one person’s personal problems. I hope everyone in Toronto (or even just Ford’s supporters) refuses to give the Star any business … the only way to shut them down. Also very effective as a deterrent should another be considering such tactics.

      • david says:

        I find their 3rd quarter loss of $70.8 million somewhat satisfying .

        • W the K - No, not Warren says:

          Quebecor 3rd quarter net loss: $167.8 million.

          Postmedia 3rd quarter net loss: $112.2 million.

          Someone out there probably has something for the Globe.

          But you get the picture.

      • W the K - No, not Warren says:

        That was satire … right?

        If not, the only rational thing I take away from that blather is: Ford supporters response to their guy’s actions is to shut down the media. Nice.

        But again, if that was parody, accept my apologies.

        All newspapers pay for content someone produces. A newspaper is going to pay for anything I write or shoot as a freelancer. Same goes for radio or television. Only a fool gives it away. The Star is on record saying the only thing they do not pay for is an interview. That way they can’t be accused of buying a person’s comments for the record. I suspect the other papers have a similar policy.

      • Danny says:

        ” News media in this country not doing their jobs and in this case blatantly so. Where’s the balanced unbiased reporting of facts?”

        Where did you get the notion that this is the job of the media? From the media themselves? This is a nice little conceit they try to sell you. The job of the media, as with any business, is to make money. There is no money to be made in unbiased reporting of facts. Who would buy that milque toast material? Really.

      • Reality.Bites says:

        Wow Janice, you’re really an idiot. There really isn’t much more to say. Don’t cross the street without an escort, because you’re not up to the mental challenge.

      • VC says:

        Public opinion is already against Ford and the Star has little influence in this particular respect, namely the smoking crack, hanging out in a crack house with gangsters that have links to violent organized crime, lying to the citizens of Toronto, and just plain idiocy. Most sensible people do not support this sort of behaviour especially from some asshole that has gone around touting a strict law and order response to policing said activities. Ford – both Rob and Doug, and now his mother and sister – is doing well to sway public opinion against himself without the help of the Star but I’d imagine it’s easier to blame the Star for Rob’s crack smoking and violent tirades than to look to the real source, that being Rob Ford.

        And just to point out, it wasn’t just the Star that published the video: almost every news outlet from across the political spectrum did the same. One must have to be smoking crack themselves to think the Star is the mastermind of some sinister plan to have Rob Ford smoke crack and go off on a violent and profanity laced rant etc.

        • debs says:

          exactly…Rob Ford created his own mess…he did the crack, he acted out of control. Media had nothing to do with it. they report the news…they dont set up crackhouses like they are movie props and lure bad actors in:P
          Ford is a corrupt, drunken, gangster, the media was slow on reporting what most people figured out a long time ago:P

  2. Reality.Bites says:

    Why is it people like the Fords (and by implication, you) have such a problem when people quote them accurately?

    Talk about a lack of credibility and integrity, the mirror is calling you david

    • david says:

      In the video, you can clearly hear Toronto Mayor Rob Ford talk about being “in that ring” “.Never voted for Ford ! I suppose Paul Simon’s words ring true here.. ‘A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”

  3. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Meanwhile over at the NFL’s Around the League: “What the What? Part II

    That’s Rob Ford, perhaps better known to the world as Toronto Crack Mayor. On the morning of the most important press conference of his life — one in which he would admit to using crude illegal narcotics while in office — Ford thumbed through his neckwear collection in his closet before settling on his NFL novelty tie from 1995.

    I could live for 100 more years and not find a more baffling circumstance. You did it Rob Ford.”

    • Matt says:


      Someone assaciated with the NFL is critical of Ford’s drug use?

      They’ve got players in jail for murder. At least 30 of their players get arrested on drug charges every year.

      Hello kettle? This is the pot calling. You’re black!

      • Matt says:

        damn my typing sucks. Should be someone associated with the NFL

        • Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

          The story was written by Dan Hanzus, a writer for Around the League, which is a feature on NFL.com which, in turn, is part of the NFL Network. So, yes, your pot and kettle analogy is fair. However, I simply wanted to show how widespread and alluring the Ford story has become south of the border. Of course, they’ve got their share of idiotic politicians down there also. I think there would be a cottage industry for someone to develop a litmus test to identify and distinguish the good ones from the kooks, and for the electorate to make it compulsory. Wishful thinking I guess.

          • Matt says:

            My comment wasn’t directed at you.

            It was a general WTF to the NFL.

            My apologies if you thought i was being critical of you.

          • Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

            I did not feel you were being critical of me. No need to apologize, Matt.

  4. Harvey Bushell says:

    I wouldn’t say it totally fizzled. There were a couple of things I had not previously heard.. like about the briefcases full of cash. One thing I did find very helpful was the dramatic and ominous music they played in the background. In fact I now have some playing on my stereo whenever I read any news or commentary about the Fords. Who knew that my old cassette of the Jaws soundtrack would actually have a use?

  5. david ray says:

    it’s a wonder to me why the women of Toronto don’t unite and throttle in their sleep every last knuckle dragging crack smoking football obsessed uber enabling dickwad male still still left that could possibly find one redeeming thing to say about the crash test dummy formerly known as Rob Ford mayor.

  6. Tim says:

    Excellent punk rock. D. Boon smiles from above, Wire is secretly glad they’ve abandoned the 1:00 format. Steve Deceive is clearly no stranger to the genre. Snot is totally dada. Great shirt man.

  7. talltexan says:

    The only people I feel sorry for in this sorry mess is Ford’s family. They have to put on the plastic smiles and watch impassively, as the seeding train that was Ford nation runs smack into a very thinkc brick wall!

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