12.10.2013 09:25 AM

Bernie Farber, a lonely province turns its eyes to you

He’s my brother of another mother, so I’m biased.  But if Bernie doesn’t run, I will never speak to him again.  ‘Cause he’d win, no?


  1. Bernie Farber says:

    For the record Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco has already been chosen by the OntarioThornhill Liberal Association to contest Thornhill for the Liberals. She is an excellent candidate. The work I do today helping First Nations develop sustainable economies on their traditional territories is so gratifying and allows me to actually make a small difference in this sometimes insane world.

  2. bigcitylib says:

    If he runs, there’s a $5 donation waiting for him from me.

  3. Dan O says:

    I don’t fault Shurman for resigning. Hudak knew about the move but told him to run again in Thornhill.

    Best of luck to Bernie though.

  4. WDM says:

    Wow. Quick fall from grace. Sherman was the PC point-person on a lot of stuff before this all hit the fan. Almost always the PC talking head when a panel of some sort was talking Queens Park. Still, architect of his own demise with the latest stunt.

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