12.27.2013 05:30 PM

Big Apple bound

Lala and me are headed to NYC as I thumb this. Tasks:

• See Patti Smith
• Sleep
• Attend de Blasio swearing-in

In regard to that last one, watch this spot. It’s one of the reasons de Blasio won. It’s amazing.

If the plane goes down in a fiery ball, Daughter gets my biker jacket. Sons can divide up the guitars.


  1. Marc-André Chiasson says:

    Love it but there undoubtedly was the usual nattering cast / caste of naysayers who railed against the notion that he exploited his kid for political gain. As if every politician in history hasn’t done the same…except that this guy does it much better.

  2. david ray says:

    do let us know if Patti sings “Drifters Escape.” what a rendition.

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