12.09.2013 10:17 AM

If a Liberal government doesn’t think it has a duty to look after developmentally disabled children, what exactly does it think it’s supposed to be there for?



  1. Chris says:

    Unrelated to the post but you might want to speak to your web guy – each new post has a huge blank space under it, it goes away as soon as the post isn’t the newest one.

  2. Ian Howard says:

    To privatize power generation and pay for capacity not production.

    If those children had the ability to donate or work for candidates they would have got their apology a long time ago. Foolish to have been born into an unimportant political segment of society.

  3. Derek Pearce says:

    My only guess is because there are the two other cases pending then of course the government is playing the game of not admitting liability in order to try (in vain methinks) to limit financial damages once those two are resolved. Lame. As an aside, I always quite liked Susanna Kelley when she was reporting for Studio 2, good to see her still at it here. (and Chris is right, there is a gigantic blank space under each new post of yours, it’s weird…)

  4. Bernie Farber says:

    This issue is to Ontario’s shame! It didn’t start with this government and I have to believe that the legal begals have their claws into it otherwise either Dalton or Kathleen would have issued an apology far sooner.

    I know the final report just came out but truth be told as far back as when I was a social worker in Ottawa visiting places like Smith Falls, people knew what was going on. I remember complaining often to many of the conditions I saw and will never get over the fact that I should have done much more…lack of advocacy experience I suppose…and then you just want to forget…so I for one am ready for this apology hopefully to be followed with some historical perspective that will make its way into the classroom so that generations hence will finally get it.

  5. susan macisaac says:

    Children with intellectual disabilities grow up to be adults with intellectual disabilities. They are the most vulnerable people in our society and deserve our full support and understanding. I have spent all 32 years of my son Graham’s life advocating for services for him so that he is able to lead a meaningful life in the community.

    The Ombudsman’s report on the state of developmental services in Ontario will shine a spotlight on how government policy has failed individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families especially those families who are not able to advocate for their loved ones.

    If we don’t care enough about our most vulnerable citizens, what kind of society are we?

  6. Bill Paxton says:

    Rule By Decree

    The Liberal Government has only one duty and that is to itself; to illustrate:

    The unelected Wynne regime wants to force barbers to learn to cut, perm, and dye women’s hair. Several of our sources confirm this program has its origins in the radical operative who demanded a Muslim barber cut her hair and then hauled him before Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal. Assuming tuition costs of $5k and a year of time at $20/hour, that’s a cash grab worth about 50k leveraged by minority baiting – but of course, as per the “End of Men” narrative, this matters not – essentially marginalize one half of the population. What trades will be next?

    Further economic catastrophes include the exodus of Heinz; managing Director Brian Arbique, called it “unacceptable” that the Wynne government intends to pass Bill 91 before its new regulatory powers are defined, and before the industry can figure out its significant effects on production, operations, and their legal obligations…Heinz begged the government to conduct a proper economic impact analysis of the bill. “But the Liberals failed to deliver … and now Heinz will be moving its operations elsewhere.”

    But of course, to the Wynne regime (repeat, unelected Wynne regime), business and industry are the enemy. The Liberals believe there is enough residual wealth that can be confiscated through taxation, expropriation, fines, levies, fees, eminent domain etc. to last them a good while – the usual socialist framework. Once all but the Party insiders are pauperized, totalitarian control is a sure thing. If the people were accurately informed about what this moonbat has planned they would be out in the streets a la the Ukraine.

    • Dave Kurgen says:

      Ahem, Bill would please pay attention to the actual issue being discussed here? Or do you not really care about those with developmental disabilities?

    • VC says:

      Heinz said that it was moving away from production and management in North America, not just Ontario; it was a corporate-wide decision that also closed plants in the US and eliminated head-office jobs in Pittsburgh. Can’t blame all that on Wynne, can we?

      The rest of your ravings sound totally bat-shit.

  7. Tim says:

    They and other less fortunates end up not in care but in the courts when they grow up, and the fucking Tories are telling the judges they must be fined for being less fortunate.

    Say it again,

    If we don’t care enough about our most vulnerable citizens, what kind of society are we?

  8. smelter rat says:

    Tip of the iceberg. There will be similar suits all across Canada. Governments who take Ontario’s position will lose, and rightly so.

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