12.05.2013 09:28 AM

SFH and Rob Ford-related news

Above: the teenaged lead singer of the Hot Nasties, circa 1977-78.
Photo located last night under a pile of old records. Note the rasta handle.

SFH’s fate seems inextricably linked, in myriad ways, to Toronto “mayor” Rob Ford.  We can’t shake him, as hard as we try.  He’s like herpes – once you get him, he goes away for a while, but he never fully disappears.

So, two big SFH and Rob Ford related developments:

If you’re in K-W, c’mon by and say hi.  If you’re not, get ready for the release of Mayor On Crack.  It’s gonna be huge.

Like Rob.

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    steve says:

    The real motivations of Rob Ford revealed.
    He is a hero of the ZSRDF.

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