12.20.2013 09:38 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: Mrs. Ford, let me know if you need the name of a good family law lawyer

Speaking during his weekly appearance on a Washington radio show, Rob Ford said he planned to give his wife “just money.”

“Women love money,” the mayor said to the hosts of Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. “You give them a couple of thousand bucks and they’re happy.”

Ford added that while he planned to get his wife “some treats on the side,” his big gift to her would be “a nice cheque.”


  1. WestintheEast says:


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  3. Tim Tim says:

    Lots of people were all, like “but he’s human, he needs help”, and “we have to consider the man” when he was having his mayoral powers taken.

    The man is certainly flawed, ’tis true, but no one needs a guy like that at the helm. He’s never been fit for public office, in my humble opinion.

    No one of the “consider the man” side of the argument has said “Let’s consider the wife.”

    The family home address is known to the police, and not in a “it’s the mayor’s house so let’s watch out for his safety” sorta way. Doug, I think it was, referred to Rob’s wife as the “Pollock”, as they apparently refer to her generally in the house, and with the supremely insulting, vulgar and crude “eat at home” comment, I just can’t believe Rob Ford has been in public office as long, or at all, as he has.

    Doug was accused of being a dope dealer. Rob uses crack, drinks to excess in public, and smokes-up. What other substance abuse problems are there? I mean — crack, the friggin guy does CRACK! The sister is a mess with admitted substance abuse problems. That mother did a real good denial of the obvious on television. He has to lose weight? That’s his problems, his weight? Really, Mom, he can’t recognize a racist comment, he hangs with gang members, he does crack, he drives while distracted, he gives the finger to a kid, he physically assaults a councilor at Council reacting like a 12 year old in a school yard, he lies about pot, being drunk in a public place and he doesn’t understand civics or the basic make up of government or what an LRT is, and weight is the guy’s first issue to deal with?

    Everyone has problems in a family, but the Fords sure have their share. What was that household all about, with Jim Flaherty so close and attached?

    Rob Ford’s wife, now there’s someone the FordNation and Jim Flaherty should be suggesting needs some looking out for.

    I find it quite sad for her.

  4. VC says:

    I think Rob Ford has mistaken women with crack dealers: it’s crack dealers that love money (though I doubt they take cheques). Here’s a little thought experiment: if Rob Ford was hanging out on the street corner, waving around “a couple of thousand bucks,” who would he attract more, crack dealers or women?

  5. sezme says:

    Considering the words he used the last time he described how he pleases his wife, she’s probably grateful he just talked about money this time.

  6. david ray says:

    A lawyer? You want to add a lawyer to this bubbling volcano of fucktitude? Hasn’t this traumatized, browbeaten nay even terrorized woman suffered enough? I mean what could possibly go wrong? A visit perhaps from a Chicago Lisi type to “make an offer he can’t refuse” to said lawyer or a Louisville slugger judiciously applied to make a salient point. This is akin to watching a lion stalking a water buffalo. It ain’t gonna end well unless whoever steps in is willing to pick up the pieces afterwards. Geez Louise.
    I did step in once as a drunken gorilla was smacking around his “woman” at cherry beach in broad daylight. Both turned on me and told me to fuck off. I did, I do and I will.

  7. Ted H says:


  8. Sean says:

    We all felt sorry for her a few weeks ago. I don’t at all anymore. She is part of the problem. Guys like this can’t survive if they aren’t coddled by a gaggle of buffoons.

  9. Jnap says:

    The children are also victims here, of family dysfunction made public. Maybe Mrs Ford stays for their sake, or maybe she is afraid of the consequences for them if she leaves.
    Or maybe all of them are thrilled at the attention and fame! Who knows?
    What disturbs me is the insatiable public appetite for news of Rob Ford and his antics. Next we may see his stuff selling on eBay…old socks, shot glasses, fishing lures. After all, George Zimmerman of “Stand your guard” fame is now selling his “artwork” for six-figure prices.
    (Puking noise)

  10. Jen S says:

    My husband jokingly said that instead of the gift he had planned, he was going to write me a cheque, per bastion of romance Rob Ford. I said, “Fine. Just make sure you write ‘Alimony payment #1’ in the memo line.”

    But joking aside, that he’s writing he a cheque makes me think she doesn’t have access to money otherwise, which smacks of controlling behaviour. That’s scary. I am scared for her.

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