12.04.2013 09:18 PM

Useful message for your next progressive campaign



  1. reality.Bites says:

    Simpler: Laws are for poor people.

  2. smelter rat says:

    And then there’s the Con Senators.

  3. Sean says:

    electoral fraud, spending fraud

  4. Windsurfer says:

    Do NOT try to point out their weaknesses.

    YOU will be branded “just visiting” – “weak on crime” – “supporting the pornographers” or anything to divert the mind away from their mindless drivel.


  5. Philippe says:

    I really, really hope the next time any Con invokes their favourite “tough on crime” manta- that whoever is listening breaks out into hysteric, uncontrollable laughter.

  6. I keep asking myself why drug gangs and organized crime groups continue to exist. Isn’t there a federal law against affiliation to organized crime organizations? why aren’t all these people in jail or mining for ore on Titan?

  7. steve says:

    Watch boardwalk emoire the fiscal conservatives see the financial benifit of prohibition. Of course thats just a TV show about booze. No way millions of tons of illegal drugs could be on the streets without…….

  8. doconnor says:

    Maybe this quote from today could do more damage then any other: “I don’t mind two-tier health care.

    • doconnor says:

      The ironic thing is Obama tried to achieve two-tier health care with the public option, but failed to even get enough Democratic support for that.

      Of course no one would expect Rob Ford to understand such details.

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