01.02.2014 01:22 PM

As a hockey parent

…I have found this story really, really disturbing. I’ve followed it every day, even in far-flung New York.

Hockey parents are mostly folks who just love their kids, and who get up at crazy hours, drive treacherous winter roads, and shell out money they don’t sometimes have to get their kids to a game. When they know their kid will never, ever be in the NHL.

I therefore feel so sad and angry for this women’s family. Every killing is horrible and senseless, but this one has been particularly horrible and senseless.


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    frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    So very sad, and indeed, senseless……I thought Surrey had turned a corner with its highly successful Mayor…..but sadly, it seems to have returned to its usual state of affairs.

    They need to have more boots on the ground to improve security……but homeowners winge about tax increases…..wonder if theyd winge so much if it was their family member that was brutally murdered…..

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    Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    Saddened by the meaningless loss of life.

    And stunned that Surrey BC, a suburb of Vancouver, has suffered 25 murders this year.
    Vancouver, itself, has had only SIX! They are right friggin’ next to each other, and Surrey, population 500,000 has had more murders than Vancouver, (or bigger Calgary or Edmonton.)

    Even Toronto had 2/3 the murders of Surrey. Not 2/3 of the murder rate, I mean 2/3 of the total body count. So, Toronto (not the GTA), with a population 5 times the size of Surrey, had 18 (less than half involved a gun.)

    And Surrey has already had its first of 2014!

    Surprised? Of course you are. Because it isn’t happening in Toronto so it might as well be happening in some outport.

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      frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

      Surrey has always had a rough reputation…and has been the butt of jokes for years….. White Rock seceded from Surrey in 1957 and local maps clearly delineate the new city’s perimeter….“Living in White Rock means never having to say you’re Surrey,” as the saying goes… ..but as rents in Vancouver and more desirable burbs skyrocket…….and the skytrain service improves to nether regions, such as Surrey……criminal elements set up shop there……with a resulting increase in crime…..petty or otherwise……

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    Massimo Savino says:

    I grew up just down the street from where the murder occurred; as a teenager I’d walk to the old location of the Newton Library, which used to be right next-door to the Arena. My FB circles (with a high number of old HS friends of mine from that period) have been just ablaze with this.

    One troubling thing about it that doesn’t seem to have been discussed is that the Surrey RCMP have had a presence ***not even 2 f*cking blocks away*** from the site for **years**. In the last decade on visits back to see my folks I’ve personally seen large numbers of prozzies and meth-heads slowly migrate their way from Whalley in the north down to Newton, and the powers that be appear to be unable to stop it.

    In the late ’90s, I remember saying to a very close friend (also Newton-raised) that the then-new cop shops resembled nothing so much as shop façades designed with the Robocop aesthetic in mind. Seems they’re about as effective, too, eh?

    See for yourself here:

    Long Google Maps ref:

    Goo.gl-shortened version of same here:

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    Steve T says:

    So, let’s be provocative and use this as a launchpad for discussing capital punishment. Assuming this is as random and senseless as it sounds, why does the scumbag perpetrator deserve to ever take another breath? Why should we pay for his/her incarceration (aka room and board) for the rest of his/her miserable and worthless life?

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      Iris Mclean says:

      There is a long list of Canadians who were wrongfully convicted of murder. I share your sentiment, but too often mistakes are made.

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