01.07.2014 07:57 AM

Extreme weather change? What extreme weather?

Oh, and anyone who would suggest that extreme weather events are related to climate change is crazy.

Clearly, this guy is a Communist.


  1. Sean says:

    Canada has extremely extreme weather in all extremities every year. I believe in climate change, but I don’t think every cold day in Ontario is directly caused by some nefarious pipe line in Alberta… A lot of this is media baloney. Every situation and every year is made to appear as if it’s the worst ever. If they told the truth and just said “hey it’s another Canadian winter”, less people would watch the news. Its as simple as that.

    • Al in Cranbrook says:


      I believe in climate change, too, for the simple fact that there has never, ever been a time when climate was not changing.

      And because of this simple truth, somewhere along the way someone figured out that, play your cards right, there’s fortune, fame and, most opportunely, government funding to be milked from it.

      One can follow the major media over the last 120 or so years and actually graph cycles of hysteria that mirror global climate. The ice age is coming! The world is cooking. The ice age is really coming. This heat is going to wipe out civilization, just look at all these droughts happening! The ice age is REALLY coming this time! Okay, maybe not this time…

      Circa 1978 it was James Hansen…that would be the very same James Hansen…was telling anyone who would listen that the next ice age was imminent! We’re all doomed! Somewhere buried (conveniently very deeply, I suspect) in CBC’s vaults is a mini-documentary they ran on the National regarding this looming disaster. It starred, no less, Adrian Clarkson. Growing seasons had shortened by two weeks, crops were failing, polar ice was advancing, etc., etc., one alarming claim after another. If nothing else, it was certainly entertaining in the sense that it held your attention for more than a minute or two. All of it backed up by scientists.

      I watched a report about that clown (meaning, IMHO, someone’s useful idiot) walk onto the stage with the PM and hold up a sign that said, “Climate Justice”.

      Here’s some “climate justice” to think about. By far over the great majority of the last 400,000 years Canada has been buried three times with glaciers up to a mile thick and more. The pattern is so consistent that one arguably could set their millennial clock by it. In fact, any first year science student will tell you that we are, in fact, experiencing a break in that frosty weather known as an “interstadial”. It’s been about a 10,000 year break, over which time civilization happened.

      The sobering reality is that, if one studies the historical graphs, that’s more or less about as long as these “interstadial” breaks last.

  2. Jon Powers says:

    I love how “extreme weather” now refers to temperatures that don’t even break records from the 1940’s.

    • Matt says:

      That pretty much sums it up right there.

      Love too how the climate change industry is trying to gloss over the recent little publicity stunt failure of sending a “research ship” with “scientists” and a bunch of enviro-tourists (at thousands of dollars per person) to the Antarctic to see all the melted ice, that was supposed to gone by 2012, then gets stuck in the ice……….70KM from land………..in the Antarctic spring.

      Now some enviro-nuts are trying to calculate how many trees need to be planted to offset the carbon footprint created by the US icebreaker to rescue the 2 ships.

      Funny the aren’t calculating the number of trees needed to be planted to offset the carbon footprint created by the original ships failed publicity stunt.

    • VC says:

      I love how you equate weather with temperature because the two are not the same; temperature is only one element of the weather. For instance, weather also includes atmospheric pressure, amongst other things.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      I was a kid in Winnipeg in the forties. Forty below (Fahrenheit) and lower winters were very commonplace, with the winds whistling down from Hudson`s Bay, straight down Main st to Portage Ave.

      We never had a “snow day”……no such thing as school busses.,,,,in our neighborhood. Walked to school and home for lunch and back every day.

      How did we survive? We didn`t have TV or radios to tell us 24-7 how bad it was. πŸ™‚

  3. steve says:

    ts so cold that for the first time in years I thought I had and erection without Viagra, then I discovered my fly was not done up.

    Its so cold Nazim Kadri has been moving his feet when he does not have the puck.

    Its so cold Ford can get from the elevator to his office without breaking a sweat.

    Its so cold Doug Ford can not drive, his thousand yard stare is frozen and he cant see well enough up close to drive.

    Its so cold John Tory will need at least another week to decide on a Mayoralty run, his indecision is frozen in the air.

    Its so cold that Porter is flying jets already, they just plowed the snow off the ice.

    Its so cold the Tiger mom has let the kids wears shoes outdoors.

    Its so cold the Navy’s ice breaking canoes are just sitting on the ice, well they always just sit on the ice, but now there is even less hope for this concept.

    Its so cold Mayor Ford has switched from crack to cocaine snowballs.

    Its so cold the Ford Dynasty is harder to start than an Edsel.

    Its so cold that Justin Trudeau got frozen in place, he was walking on water at the wrong time.

    Its so cold that infrared sensors can detect a heat signature comming from Harpers heart.

    Its so cold the St Clair streetcar is now a maglev.

    • W the K - No, not Warren says:

      Crikey! It might be cold, but you’re on fire!

    • steve says:

      Just thought of a better one for number one.

      Its so cold for the first time in his life Jason Kenny thought he had and erection, then he discovered his fly was undone.

    • steve says:

      Its so cold the Tiger mom has let the kids wear shoes outdoors.
      Its so cold Obamacare is working, just leave the patients outdoors.
      Its so cold Phil Robertson thought he had an erection while surrounded by men, turns out his fly was open.
      Its so cold the F35 cant meet performance specifications, okay under any conditions the same is true.
      Its so cold Al Queda is burning people instead of beheading them
      Its so cold that when you search for stupid on google you get cold instead of Ted Cruz
      Its so cold Oprah is giving away her library on the south side, a good hardcover gives about ten thousand BTU.
      Its so cold the Pentagon is sending tropical gear to Montana
      Its so cold a heat signature can be detected coming from Goldman Sachs.
      Its so cold homeless men are experiencing so much shrinkage they wake up with a vagina.
      Its so cold Justin Bieber is putting a shirt on
      Its so cold Anne Coulters Vagina is no longer the coldest place in the world.
      Its so cold the NRA says dont leave the house without a gun warmer.
      Its so cold the people in Colorado and Washington State are only smoking weed hotbox style.

  4. Matt says:

    “Clearly, this guy is a Communist.”

    Communist, no.

    Some no name back bencher from the CPC government trying to get his name in the papers and face on TV? Yes.

    Seriously, had anyone not living ih his riding heard of Peter Baird before this?

    • Kevin T. says:

      I think he just wants his turn behind the woodshed with the PMO’s boys in short pants; basically he is acting out because he just wants to feel wanted or that they know his name.

  5. Houland Wolfe says:

    It was so cold I saw a lawyer with his hand stuck in his own pocket.

  6. dave says:

    What bugs me about this climate-change-caused-by-humans stuff is that while scientists and environmentalists are getting obscenely rich and causing all kinds of wars and violence and frivolous parliamentary debates, the poor fossil fuel companies are living in squalor and trying bravely and desperately to serve their fellow man no matter what it costs them.

    • steve says:

      Its getting so bad Chuck Strahl has to work multiple jobs just to feed himself.

    • smelter rat says:

      Yes, I agree. We should immediately lower corporate tax rates further to assist the poor dears.

    • Matt says:

      You don’ think the people at the UN IPCC are raking in cash?

      David Suzuki is making millions every year from this. He rails against corporations, at the same time he lists the David Suzuki Foundation as a corporation with Revenue Canada for income tax purposes. He hates lobbyists, but has serveral employed with the DSF.

      Al Gore? He’s the worlds first climate change billionaire. He hates oil but doesn’t mind pocketing $50 million selling his tv station to oil money funded Al Jazeera.

      I don’t begruge them making the money, even if they are hypocrites while making it.

      Just don’t pretend it’s only big oil getting rich off the climate change debate.

      • steve says:

        You would begrudge a doctor getting rich curing cancer

      • W the K - No, not Warren says:

        You’re right Matt.

        The 30 paid staffers at the IPCC are raking it in with a $7 million a year budget. But that’s according to The Wall Street Journal, and we know what a bunch of commies they are.

        Meanwhile six of the ten largest corporations in the world are oil and gas companies that each enjoy revenues in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

  7. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Who doesn’t love good satire, eh?


    Cracks me up every time!

    …mostly ’cause it’s so damn true!

  8. Bill Templeman says:

    Yo’ Big Al! Check this out: Who said this?

    β€œSevere weather is jeopardizing lives, property and livelihoods. Losses from natural catastrophes in Canada are rising. Insurance claim payouts from extreme weather have doubled every 5 to 10 years since the 1980s”

    Take a wild guess: Maude Barlow? David Suzuki? Al Gore? Nope….worse than even them….You know who said this? A real bunch of radical commie tree-huggers called the IBC. Who are the IBC? They call themselves the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Friggin’ commie dupes, I say. Utter greenwash. Check them out at http://www.ibc.ca/en/Natural_Disasters/Weather_Story.asp

    Reality bites, Al

    • Al in Cranbrook says:

      Yeah, and the droughts of the Dirty Thirties never happened, just another myth. Nobody ever settled southern Greenland during the three centuries starting 1000 AD when global temperatures were 3 degrees higher than today, just couldn’t neatly work that into the “hockey stick” graph, eh? Don’t even talk to me about glaciers forming on Mt. St. Helens since the 1980 eruption, either. 80,000 year ice ages? Ha ha, silly persons!

      Oh, yeah…and about those awesomely green Europeans? Sounds to me like solar/wind stuff just ain’t cuttin’ it, ya think??? Not that it won’t stop them from lecturing Canada over oil sands production…


      And those darn Germans! Looks like green economics just ain’t working out for them, as if it ever possibly could without bankrupting them outright while they’re carrying the load for half the rest of Europe that’s buckling under the weight of green energy subsidies…


      • Bill Templeman says:

        But Al, turn down your volume a bit and think about who you are dissin’ — The Insurance Board of Canada! Did you click on the link I posted? Very smart, very conservative business and investment professionals, to say nothing of being major donors to the Conservative Party of Canada. Uber-sharp Bay Street types. You know something they don’t know? Do you know anyone high up in the insurance industry in Canada, Al? They are seeing a huge impact from extreme weather on their business bottom line. Al! You are free to call us ideological slaves to green propaganda, but are you going to challenge the accounting practices of Canada’s insurance industry? You mean they are lying? They are not really losing money to extreme weather? Really Al?? And is the earth also flat afterall?

        • Al in Cranbrook says:


          The issue is not “climate change”. Of course it does, it always does, always has, and always will.

          The issue is, is it caused by mankind? And even if so (which I doubt), to what extent?

          Fact, which East Anglia and NASA finally had to concede: Global average temps have not risen in 17 years, despite a roughly 5% increase in atmospheric CO2.

          Fact: Historical data demonstrates indisputably that CO2 rises actually follow temperature increases, not precede.

          Fact: Global flora has actually increased 15%, as measured by (NASA’s) satellites, over the last several decades, because plants thrive on CO2. Meaning more plants available to absorb CO2. And meaning greater food production…not just for the human race, but for all life on the planet.

          Fact: Polar populations in the vast majority of their habitats are increasing, if not at least stable. Polar bears have survived through both global temperatures higher than current as well as ice ages.

          Fact: The Columbia Ice Fields did not even exist circa 5000 years ago. Why? Because the world was warmer back then. (I picked this gem up on a documentary about the Rockies, narrated by no less than Saint Suzuki himself, who also conceded that it was not clear that currently receding glaciers was being caused by human activity.) Point being: Weather is cyclical, over periods of time of which science is still learning about.

          Fact: Solar activity is extremely cyclical, with numerous cycles involved, and still being identified. Global climate is, contrary to the IPCC’s garbage, is affected by this reality more than any other single cause. Science is still not sure why ice ages even occur, but the best bet has to do with cyclical solar activity. And there is strong evidence to suggest that cosmic energy radiating from the center of the galaxy also is a factor.

          Fact: There’s no money to be made on things that one can’t do a damn thing about!!! Like, f’rinstance, solar cycles and ice ages. But there’s a helluva lot of opportunities in creating paper tigers and scaring the hell out of everyone to the point they demand that something must be done!!! At all cost!!! GOOD GOD, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE IF YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!!

          Fact: Over the 50 years there’s been a massive concentration of population into urban areas…mostly along coast lines. More people are subject to the consequences of severe climate, not to mention earthquakes, volcanoes, and even the odd asteroid impact. Couple this with mass communications, primarily the Internet, that can bring the news of these events to billions of people almost instantly, in all its gory details and images, and one has the perfect storm if they want to generate, and then milk, mass fear for all it’s worth. And God knows they are!!!

          Fact: Severe weather events, i.e., hurricanes and tornadoes, have actually declined over the last decade.

          Lastly, some simple math: CO2 constitutes .04% of the atmosphere. If Canadians are responsible for 2% of global CO2 emissions, our share amounts to 0.0008% of atmospheric CO2…a good deal of which is absorbed by our relatively massive cover of vegetation. Next, if Canada reduces our CO2 emissions by 20%, we will have reduced atmospheric CO2 by a whopping 0.000016%…or about .016 ppm/year.

          Which is about as much CO2 as China spits out in a couple hours.

          To achieve Kyoto would cost tens, if not hundreds, of billions, at least a million lost jobs, increases in costs of living across the board, destroy our competitiveness in global markets, particularly the US, and lay waste to Canada’s standard of living.

          For .016 ppm/year.

          All on the basis of “scientific consensus” that in and of itself is, when one drills down even a bit, a bloody joke! Forget that real and actual science has not thing one to do with “consensus” in the first GD place!!!

          Once upon a time I, too, was sipping the AGW kool-aid. When it started coming off like yet another damned inquisition of the heretical non-believers, I started my own investigations into ALL sides of the issue.

          …which explains this post.

  9. Bill Templeman says:

    But Al…if there are two sides to every issue (and I agree – actually there are many sides, but….), why won’t you acknowledge the validity of the findings of the Insurance Bureau of Canada? These are very rational people, and they are saying that extreme weather events are increasing their payouts and hurting their business.

    Also. could you please provide us with some facts to support this statement of yours: “Fact: Severe weather events, i.e., hurricanes and tornadoes, have actually declined over the last decade.” You can’t just post opinion posing as fact then trumpet “It’s a Fact!”

    Al, are you saying that the major insurers in Canada –the folks who stand behind all our homes, vehicles and property in case of calamity–have drunk the AGW kool-aid?

    If I made all manner of preposterous claims about the dishonesty, incompetence and criminality of Stephen Harper and his cabinet, you and others would rightfully scream: “Prove it!”

    So….Prove It!

  10. smelter rat says:

    This is the kind of shit that the deniers are up to. Fucking disgusting: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jan/09/denialist-harassment-of-climate-scientists-needs-to-stop

    • Al in Cranbrook says:

      I have no tolerance for threats and harassment waged against anyone over controversial issues.

      That said…

      I’ve read of far too many instances of scientists skeptical on AGW having their very careers threatened, be it universities, corporate, even from within their own ranks.

      It also does nothing to promote rational discussion when skeptics are equated with the likes of “holocaust deniers”, or suggestions are made that they even should be tossed into prisons. People get tired real quick of that kind of crap.

      • smelter rat says:

        Al, the whole denier movement, of which you seem to be a part of, was created and financed by people like the Koch Brothers. As for scientists who have been threatened because of their skepticism of AGW, I’d like to see some proof. It seems to me that if they can’t support their own theories with peer reviewed data, perhaps it’s because their theories are bunk. Why would a university keep someone like that on the payroll?

        • Al in Cranbrook says:

          No doubt WK is getting a tad weary of this. πŸ™‚


          I’ve been following this for years, read books on it, followed the history pretty closely. It’s waaaaay more complex merely than the Koch bros. You want to find out the truth, ultimately you have to looking for it on your own. It’s out there, trust me. I can only scratch the surface for you within the context of this comments section of WK’s blog, hopefully enough that people will start doing their own digging.

          Science is first and foremost about skepticism, whether the subject is the Big Bang THEORY, E=MC2, climate, you name it. That’s why investigation, questioning, and probing ever deeper never ends. Galileo was tossed in a prison cell for questioning the consensus that the earth was the center of the solar system. Half the scientists in the world thought the sound barrier was impenetrable, that anything do so would disintegrate at the molecular level…until Chuck Yeager did it. That’s why we keep looking for answers. We DO NOT gas scientists just because they happen to buck the latest theory-du-jour.

          AGW theory, and the wildass claims made over it, has so many holes blasted through it, I can’t even begin to make a dent in it here. There are lots of those who started off professing AGW, who have since walked away from it…and often have taken up the skeptical side. Why is that? Because the more one digs into it, the more one finds reasons it just doesn’t pass the smell test.

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