01.16.2014 03:59 PM

Fidlar 1, Pixies 0

We went to that cramped, drafty old barn Massey Hall last night.  We were mainly there for Fidlar, but also to see if the Pixies had decided to have a pulse again.

Verdict? Fidlar blew them offstage. The Pixies sucked.  And Fidlar played this, my favourite song of 2013, which kind of summarized the whole vibe at that Boring Old Fart Palace.  Die, Pixies, die.


  1. terraderma says:

    It’s still quiet/loud……but that’s OK.

  2. Tim says:

    Without Kim Deal, they aren’t really the Pixies.

  3. Campbell says:

    That Fidlar song “Awesome” is fucking awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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