01.18.2014 11:57 AM

Saturday with the Kinsellas

Son Three: For a minute there, I forgot I was wearing shoes.

Son Two: God, you’re such an idiot.

Son Three: I also sometimes forget I wear braces.


  1. susanna kelley says:

    too funny. made me laugh out loud, literally. sounds like my kids.

  2. Lewis Pickett says:

    Hi Warren !!
    I was reading your politically correct article on the Olympics about homosexual rights. President Putin is correct and you are wrong. Warren this nation was founded upon Godly principals and love. Homosexuals have no love for the Church or the Lord Jesus Christ who put Alberta’s present day economy together at creation. When you look back in our history you will find a Premier of our blessed province to be a Pastor and great man of God. Now we have a Premier and Mayor of Calgary and Alberta, like yourself who are not afraid to mock our wonderful Lord Jesus. Warren the book of proverbs was written by a great man of the Bible called Solomon who said that, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. What this means Warren is that you have smarts enough to make a real good income by your defaming the Lord and His wonderful Bible but you cannot discern “the truth”. To you liberals if it feels good, sounds compassionate, and brings you the praise of men, wonderful. You put a pretty name on murder and call it abortion, you speak lies and call it truth, and you pronounce an abomination in the Lord’s eyes as “another life style”.
    The truth of the matter is Warren, that all who do such things and do not repent will spend eternity in Hell. I refer to your type as “The Do Gooders”. You praise all this wickedness but don’t have enough wisdom to realize the error of your ways and where it will lead you. You follow a lie and call it the truth. Warren I was once like you and 29 years ago the Lord Jesus turned on the light for me so that I could repent and have the wisdom that only comes from Him. Warren in His love for you and the homosexual community He offers you that very same Grace, Love and Forgiveness so you can walk in wisdom and truth. Warren heaven is a wonderful place for eternity but it is only available to those who will humble themselves and except atonement by Jesus beautiful work on the cross.
    The choice is your Warren you can continue in your deception on the road to Hell and eternal damnation or you can except the Love, Grace and Mercy of the Lord Jesus and in humility repent and except His free gift of salvation and eternity with Christ in heaven. “For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” Romans 6:23.
    Blessings to you Warren in Jesus Name.

    Lewis E. Pickett.

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