01.17.2014 09:06 AM

The Toronto Star on Olivia Chow

…or, more specifically, her new book.

“Olivia Chow’s My Journey is a gutsy book. The NDP MP and transportation critic is a public figure and while writing about one’s weaknesses has become popular, there’s less sympathy for some issues than others — such as violence against women. Attitudes are changing but not fast enough. Perhaps her book will help…She’s also not saying what she’ll do in future. Others have options for her: run for mayor of Toronto in October; stay in federal politics, or; quit altogether. At least My Journey gives her the gift of at least two months to think about the future while on a book tour.”



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    MississaugaPeter says:

    No matter what their political stripe, I look negatively at book tours by elected officials.

    I guess they could claim they are on vacation, or it is much like a leadership campaign or running in a campaign for another position.

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    Jon Powers says:

    The Toronto Star gave Olivia Chow’s book a glowing review? I never saw that one coming.

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    sezme says:

    As a resident of Trinity-Spadina, Ms. Chow’s riding, I can honestly say that she represents us about 100X more effectively than Tony Ianno (our former MP) ever did. So I’m happy to cut her some slack for this book tour no matter what the arrangements are.

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