01.11.2014 12:07 PM

The Toronto Star’s mistake: talk minus action equals zero

This is a mistake. Possibly a big one.

It is not a mistake for the reason expressed in Peter Kent’s (ALL CAPS!) reply – although he has a bit of a point. It is a mistake for these reasons.

• It – once again – reduces the Ford scandal to a dispute between a conservative “mayor” and a liberal newspaper. It is way more than that.
• It suggests that the only opinions worth showcasing are those of rich downtown elites and intellectuals – the very people Rob Ford won office by opposing.
• It won’t have any impact, at all. All it might do, in fact, is underline the powerlessness of those who oppose Rob Ford.

I’m a punk rock guy. I believe in DOA’s credo: talk minus action equals zero. Or, ZERO, in Peter Kent’s style.

You want Rob Ford out? Me too. We do that, together, with action, not with yet more talk.

There is only one person who can beat Rob Ford, and I am doing my utmost to convince her to run. If you feel as I do, let’s get to work on that. She isn’t there yet.

No more talk. Action.


  1. david ray says:


    “Nothing happens until something moves.”

    -Albert Einstein

  2. Joe Harrington says:

    Meh…Kent’s reaction regarding the Star’s antics as forcing its editorial will is really no different than what The Sun does. It’s just the way big media works now. Screw The Star. Screw The Sun.

    I agree with you, Warren…taking meaningful action by way of acting and not blow-harding is the way to get things done. How do I go about convincing this nice lady to run for mayor?

  3. one more test of CAPTCHA beginning to think I’m even more stupid than I imagined!

  4. patrick says:

    As long as it is perceived that only the “liberal elites” want Ford out then Ford will maintain his base. It is time to show the cracks, by that I mean doubts and disapproval of Ford’s actions by his base, even though they still, at some level support him. Ford’s actions have to be the wedge that frees the city from his incompetence, not the opinions, no matter how correct or well reasoned they are, of people that Ford nation fears and holds in contempt.
    Ford’s lies. His criminal behaviour. His inability to make an effort to do his job. His failures. All have to be pounded into the electorate until they vote against Ford, even if just to get Ford off the front page.
    We have to make people tired of Rob Ford. We have to make people afraid that another four years will make them exhausted of Rob Ford.

  5. anon says:

    If talk minus action equals zero, that means that talk equals action, which is pretty different.

  6. JH says:

    I’m all for action & involvement by citizens of every stripe, but how anyone can think that the never-ending campaign by the Toronto Star against Ford has any legitimacy is beyond my ken.
    WK is right – and BTW this also just looks like the elites and those with personal axes to grind dumping on the fat guy.

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