01.21.2014 08:58 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: take a look at this, Ford Nation

Mayor Crackhead regularly shows up to work after lunchtime, or (often) not at all.

Not exactly someone who cares about giving taxpayers value for their money, is he?


  1. Glenfilthie says:

    At least he’s not a commie!

  2. Matt says:

    Not exclusive to Ford. Have you taken a gander at Trudeau’s attendance record?

  3. KenzoS says:

    Mayor is @ 15 Windsor Drive, (again.)

  4. Paul Brennan says:

    Fords a goof .. but I realy dont care when elected officials are in their office …I do care what they do when in office

  5. patrick says:

    It is being a secretary since the most he is doing is giving you the phone numbers to get through red tape. Do you actually believe that Ford is going through your paper work line by line to make sure you’re up to code so that your business proposal will pass? Hardly. It is great retail politics. And I’m not criticizing him for his limited efforts. It still doesn’t make him a mayor or a decent human being.

  6. Jack Dakasic says:

    Have you ever thought he shows up at City Hall later on the day because he is out with constituents?

    There is more to a City Council member than City Hall.

    God forbid if Adam Vaughan, Mary Fragedakis actually go around their ward doing work instead of just being at City Hall.
    God forbid if Joe Mihevc, Gord Perks stop fear mongering and kissing union asses. Making a big crime of garbage outsourcing when GFL has LESS complaints than the union members did before.

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