01.02.2014 08:38 AM

Toronto needs a mayor: the Mayor Crackhead timeline

To win, this SOB needs you to forget some or all of his many crimes and misdemeanours. There’s plenty of them, so he actually has a shot at that.

As he registers this morning (showing up on time for a work-related thing for the first time ever) to be a candidate in this years’s election, here is just one of the helpful timelines to help you recall who Rob Ford really is.

Read it, and remember.


  1. doris says:

    And — the only way he will be beaten is if the progressives only have one candidate, that means the Chow team has to get to the others – Davis and Vaughn to stay out.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m glad he has submitted his papers.

    Now the people, not the media, not Toronto Council, not the Premier, but the people of Toronto will decide his fate.

    It is how it should be.

    On an unrelated note: HOW ‘BOUT THEM RAPTORS!!!

  3. Mary W says:

    Warren, Rob Ford is the blue-collared working-class Torontonian choice for mayor and their hero too ….. all because he proclaims he will lower taxes as opposed to all those tax and spend lib-dippers on council.

    He is the counterweight (pun intended) to all the semi-socialist councillors who automatically get voted in….. just like the Liberals in Queens Park versus the Conservatives in Parliament.

    Really, when you think of it, nobody comes close to Ford for Mayor because they are either hardcore covert socialists or outright Yorkville Yorkers… do you get the picture? It’s a Hobson’s Choice for most Torontonians… sad to say.

  4. Neil says:

    Warren: Congrats on the engagment!!
    Did the previous post indicate you are no longer writing for the Sun, or am I reading too much into the headline “last”?

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