01.31.2014 11:34 AM

We can’t afford four more years of Ford

This has been pinging around the Internet this morning – I first saw it on the Twitter feed of someone I follow who is out in Vancouver. Anyway – dunno who did it, or why, but it’s a pretty slick piece of work. ¬†We live in interesting times, eh?


  1. Kaplan says:

    I love it. No reason to highlight his personal and possible criminal issues, as the media’s doing the work on that front.

    Hit him where it means something – his utter failure as mayor on the policy/promises front.

  2. Pipes says:

    It’s a conundrum, wrapped in an enigma and shrouded in mystery how he got elected.

    It’s like-what is the difference between Rob Ford and (insert your favourite disease here………………………………) ?
    Well, you can get rid of your (……………….favourite disease).

    Also, I got ta get out more, cause, a lot of the people I speak with are still a goin to vote for him.

  3. tf says:

    I like the emphasis of the wording of the last line – “Toronto can’t afFORD four more years of Rob FORD.”

  4. mike says:

    If memory serves correct…someone put Adrian Dix on a weather vane in the last BC election. It helped hurt Dix. Hopefully it will work on Ford as well.

  5. Iris Mclean says:

    As a smug observer from the boonies far away from The Big Smoke, I’m gonna miss Rob Ford when he’s gone.
    He’s definitely left a (skid) mark on Toronto that no amount of Javex can remove.

  6. steve says:

    What we can not afford at any level in a functioning democracy is Ford supporters.

  7. e.a.f. says:

    Loved it! Now if this is from B.C., where the hell was this guy during the last election. had the NDP used this type of ad they might have won the election instead of loosing it. Now we have 4 more years of Christy and her crew and child poverty galore.

  8. Brad Young says:

    People, facts don’t mean fuck all anymore, well done but a waste of time. The anti union idiots that post on the sun website, the ones who actually vote, they won’t believe any of it. Intelligent people already know the facts.

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